FF Project Majestic Mix

2002-07-22 00:00 | yo-yo

From Squaresoft fans, for Squaresoft fans, Project Majestic Mix is the result of years of
effort to create an original tribute album in honor of veteran Squaresoft game music
composer Nobuo Uematsu. Sixteen of Uematsu's themes from Final Fantasy games 1 through 10,
Chrono Trigger, and Gun Hazard have been remixed in totally new, completely original
versions by American fans and musicians in styles ranging from classical to rock & roll.
The memorable musical themes you love have been re-invented in new versions that are at
once faithful to the original songs and simultaneously completely different from anything
you've heard before!

This exclusive "Silver Disc" edition soundtrack collection is available exclusively through
AnimeNation and will be limited to a quantity of 3000. In keeping with the deluxe, limited
edition availability of this disc and its nature as a special fan produced tribute CD, the
Project Majestic Mix disc will come enclosed in a handsome DVD keepcase instead of a
regular CD jewel case.

Whether you're a fan of Final Fantasy and its scores, or simply a fan of good music,
this is one CD that you'll be proud to support and own. Place your order early to be
guaranteed of receiving a copy. Or better yet, order two so you can have one copy to
listen to and appreciate as a great soundtrack, and one copy that you can treasure and
appreciate as a valued, highly limited collector's item!

Project Majestic Mix是一個非官方出版的混音CD, 主要收錄經過重新編
曲, 植松伸夫為FF系列創作的主要曲目(FFI~FFX, 視其中版本而定也包括
CC和Front Mission的曲子), 製作班底KFSS STUDIO是美國的一群FF同好,
所以也算是一個非常特殊的同人出版物, 創意頗值得稱讚. 植松本人也
對此表示支持.(Square從這個音樂集裡抽取每盤每首7美分的版稅) 這個C
D其中因為種種原因經歷了不少波折, 曾一度中止,從開始計劃到壓片整整
歷時了3年半, 現在終於能夠壓片了...
Track List
"Prelude" arr. by Mustin 5:12 (Final Fantasy)
"Final Fantasy I Main Theme" arr. by JAXX and Ailsean 2:06 (FF I)
"Town" arr. by Dale North 3:55 (FF II)
"Rydia" arr. by Matt Stofferahn 5:15 (FF IV)
"Within the Giant" arr. by Stephen Kennedy 7:46 (FF IV)
"Elia, Maiden of Water" arr. by Jonathan Geer 4:05 (FF III)
"Coast of the Sun" arr. by The OneUp Mushrooms 3:47 (FF VII)
"Anxious Heart" arr. by Jan Van Valburg and Stephen Kennedy 5:55 (FF VII)
"Forever Rachel" arr. by Chris Tilton 4:09 (FF VI)
"Cayenne" arr. by Stephen Kennedy 8:03 (FF VI)
"Seymour's Theme" arr. by Mustin 3:38 (FF X)
"The Man with the Machine Gun" arr. by Jan Van Valburg 4:17 (FF VIII)
"Sealed Door" arr. by McVaffe 5:40 (Chrono Trigger)
"Sentinel" arr. by Dale North 3:02 (Gun Hazard)
"You're Not Alone!" arr. by Dale North and Ailsean 2:51 (FF IX)
"Prelude" arr. by Ailsean 4:43 (Final Fantasy)