Final Fantasy Vocal Collection II - Love Will Grow

2002-07-22 00:00 | yo-yo

CD Type - Import Music CD
Series - Final Fantasy
Genre - Game Soundtrack

Long Distance (Final Fantasy IV Main Theme (F.F.IV)
Yuukyuu no Kaze / Eternal Wind (Eternal Wind (F.F. III)
Have You Ever Seen Me? (The Village of Little People, Tozas (F.F.III)
Valse des Amoureux (a newly written)
GAIA (Main Theme (F.F.I)
Tohihino Nagori / Traces of Days Long Gone (Sorrows of Parting (F.F.V)
Harukanaru Kokyou / Faraway Hometown (Faraway Hometown (F.F.V)
Estrelas (Gilbert's Lute (F.F.IV)
Kami no Yurikago / God's Cradle (Rirumu's Theme (F.F.VI)
Love Will Grown (Finale (F.F.II)