DQ8美版剧本 Chapter 3

2005-11-24 00:58 | ovelia

Chapter 3 Port Prospect / To the South Continent

(In Port Prospect, go to the pub and we see Jessica...)

Jessica: I don't have time to argue! I want you to put out to sea NOW!

Man: My apologies, Miss Jessica, but the waters are simply too dangerous at the

Jessica: Haven't you been listening? I TOLD you I'd take care of that!

Man: Please forgive me, Lady Jessica! There'd be hell to pay from the Albert
family if we put you in danger!

Jessica: Is there ANYONE around here with half a brain!?

(Jessica looks around and finds the party...)

Jessica: Ah! Speak of the devil! You're the travellers from the tower! Didn't I
tell you to wait for me in Alexandria!? I wanted to properly apologise to you!
Well, whatever. I'm glad you're here now. Actually, I have a favour to ask.
Would you mind coming over here for a minute?

(They go back and continue to argue with the man...)

Jessica: So you're saying you won't let me fight the sea monster?

Man: Well, yes, but... But, I mean...

Jessica: I've asked these sturdy men to take care of it for me. Okay?

Man: Er... Oh, well... Actually, we've been looking for someone to take on that
very job ourselves!

Jessica: Well, there you have it. Everyone's happy. Can I count on you guys?


Jessica: I knew I could count on you. I still can't get what we saw in the
tower out of my mind. Who is this Dhoulmagus, and what does he want? And why
did he murder my brother? I'll track him to the ends of the earth. But first,
we've got to make the waters safe for ships to sail. The sea monster that's
standing in our way is supposed to be pretty strong. You'd better be prepared.
I'll be waiting here. Come back as soon as you're ready.

(When preparation is done, go back and talk to Jessica again.)

Jessica: Okay, then! Quartermaster, prepare the ship!

Quartermaster: Aye aye, sir!

(They go on board, and the ship is about to set off.)

Quartermaster: Prepare to set sail! Weigh anchor!

(The ship goes off to the sea, while some bubbles appear behind the ship, and
suddenly a octopus-like monster emerges...What is next is some sort of self-
talk delivered by the great octopus, Khalamari :D)

Khalamari: Ooh, I hates this, Tenta! I hates it too, Tickles! These nasty
humans and their ships, always sailin' over poor Khalamari's head! Yeah, Tenta,
yeah! Humans don't have no manners! That's right, Tickles, they don't have none
at all, they don't! No! That's why Khalamari's gonna stand up for all the poor
creatures of the sea! Starting by eatin' these here humans! Yeah, Tickles!
He'll eat 'em! Eat em right up!

(Khalamari attacks the party but his strength is nothing compared to our soon-
to-be great heroes. :D)

Khalamari: Oog, they was stronger than we thought. We give up, we give up! It
wasn't our fault, though! It was HIS! That's right, it was! That jester, he
came walkin' on top of the water to us! Just walked over us, he did! Pretty
cheeky of a human to pull that little trick off, we thought, so we talked to
him, we did! But when he talked, our head got all cloudy-like and we started
attackin' ships, we did, we did! It wasn't us, it was that jester, it was!
Here's this by way of an apology, like. Ooh...We found it in the ocean, we did.
Go on, take it, mate! It's the least we can do, it is, it is.

((Hero) receives a gold bracer and puts it in the bag.)

Khalamari: Well, that is all from us. We are leavin' now, we are. Have a
pleasant trip! So long!

(The octopus then submerges to the sea. Whew...)

Jessica: Not bad, guys! You're a lot stronger than you look! You know, we've
never properly introduced ourselves. I'm Jessica. Jessica Albert. And who might
you be?

Yangus: I'm Yangus. And (Hero) 'ere's the guv!

Jessica: Yangus and the guv, is it? Right. Thanks again for your help with the
sea monster. Now, let's find Dhoulmagus! I'm sure you need to get ready first,
so let's head back to Port Prospect. I'll tell the captain to weigh anchor.

(Jessica is about to walk away while...)

Jessica: Oh! I almost forgot! I called you two thieves back at the tower, and I
never formally apologised. So... Forgive me! Anyway. I'll talk to the captain!

Quartermaster: All hands on deck! (text lost) We are heading back to Port

Jessica: We took care of the sea monster, so I got them to agree to wait for
us. I figured you'd like to rest and buy provisions before we set sail again.
I'll be waiting for you here. Don't take too long, now! We've got work to do!

(The party goes back and does some preparations before setting sail again,
then talk to Jessica again...)

Jessica: Hey! That was quick! Are you okay to set sail already?


Jessica: Come on, then! Let's get going! We have to hurry and catch up with
Dhoulmagus! Actually, before we go, (hero), I have a favour to ask. You're
after Dhoulmagus just like I am, right? We're fighting for the same reasons. So
I was thinking, why don't we do this together? I haven't been studying magic
for too long, but I still have a lot to offer. What do you say?


I've got a great feeling about this. Thanks, guys.

(Jessica joins your party!)

Jessica: Well, now that that's taken care of, let's go!

(The party goes on board while Trode was running towards them and shouting.)

Trode: Just where do you think you're going without me and my beautiful

Quartermaster: All hands on deck! Weigh anchor! Prepare to set sail for
Peregrin Quay!

(The ship is crossing the sea... The hero and Yangus is sitting on barrels
while Jessica is walking towards them.)

Jessica: Ah, there you are! So, what are you two up to?

Yangus: Up to? Me an' the guve was just talkin', that's all.

Jessica: Guv, huh? I've been meaning to ask you about that. You know, he
doesn't exactly look like your governor. If anything, it looks the other way
around. What's the story?

Yangus: Well, I'm glad you asked! The story of 'ow me an' the guve fell in
together is an epic tale, full o' laughter, thrills, and tears...

Jessica: It is, is it? Well, why don't you just give me the highlights?

Yangus: Awright, I will! It all started on a fine, summer's day... The sound of
insects was deafenin'... I'd just decided to make a clean break of it. I was
well hacked off wiv the old bandithood. So I decided to leave the town I'd
lived in me 'ole life and start fresh, like.

(We are having a flashback of Yangus meeting the hero.)

Yangus: I ain't exactly a looker as you cansee. Perhaps that's why people
treated me funny everywhere I went. Like I was a thief or somefin'. I didn't
'ave no place to go and not a penny to me name, neither, so I ended up goin'
back to the old game.

(We see Yangus waiting in the middle of the bridge...:D)

Yangus: And that's when I run into the guv 'ere!

(The hero, Trode and the wagon was to cross the bridge while Yangus stopped

Yangus: Hold it right there! Who gave you premission to use my bridge, then,

Trode: Premission!? PERMISSION!? YOUR bridge lies within MY kingdom, you oaf!

Yangus: Wot you on about? A creepy old codger like you, a king? Don't make me

Trode: I see your mouth is as vulgar as your face! Yes, I'M the King! And who
exactly do you think YOU are!?

Yangus: Me? Hearing my name is enough to make anyone wet their knickers! That's
right! Yer talkin' to none other than Yangus, the legend'ry bandit, 'imself!

Trode: Yangus?

Yangus: The one and only! Time to cough up! You 'ave to pay if you wanna cross
my bridge.

Trode: The one and only Yangus!? What a shame there aren't more of you! Now,
kindly remove your one and only self from MY bridge and clear off!

Yangus: Grrr! Don't push yer luck, you green-faced freak! I would've let you go
if you'd o' kept your gob shut an' paid up, but ya wanna do this the 'ard way,

(Yangus wove his scythe and jumped into the air...but when he landed the wood
block was cracked and Yangus was hanging in the air, hands gripping one of the
remaining wood block...)

Yangus: Eeyaaaagh!

Trode: Now, (hero), my boy! Now's our chance to cross!

(Trode and the hero quickly crossed the bridge, but the hero looked behind,
finding Yangus having big trouble as the bridge was about to fall apart!)

Yangus: Grrrr... Just my bleedin' luck...!

(Finally the bridge falled apart, but fortunately Yangus was able to grasp
a rope but it is still very dangerous.)

Trode: Now that's what I call just desserts. As the saying goes, 'crime doesn't
pay'. Let us carry on, then (hero), my boy! There, there, my precious Medea.
Did the bad man scare you?

(Trode was about to go but he found the hero painstakingly pulling the rope
upwards, apparently trying to save Yangus.)

Trode: What are you doing, (hero)? But he attacked us! Why the devil are you
helping him? Just leave him! It's poetic justice! Nay, divine justice!

(Finally Yangus was saved, but they both are very tired.)

Yangus: Th-Thank you, guv'nor. I thought I was done for...!

Trode: (Sigh.) What is the world coming to? Yangus, was it? You can show your
gratitude by getting out of our sight!

Yangus: Hahh... Hahh... Yer 'avin' a laugh!

Trode: What? Still here? If you won't do us the favour of leaving, I'll be
happy to provide some encouragement!

(Suddenly Yangus was kneeling to the hero.)

Yangus: Mister (hero)! N-No, guv'nor! I really owe ya! You saved me life an'
ev'ryfin'! You're the bee's knees, guv!

Trode: Guv? What is this nonsense!? Are you a complete imbecile? This boy is
my retainer! If you're in anyone's service, it's mine!

Yangus: Put a sock in it! I ain't talkin' to you. (Hero)'s the one who saved

Trode: Put a sock in...!? Who do you think you're speaking to, you, you...good-
for-nothing scoundrel!

(Then Trode and Yangus started arguing endlessly and the screen switches back
to present.)

Jessica: So that's how you met. But what happened to all the laughter, thrills,
and tears?

Yangus: Well, I'm not finished yet! This is the best bit! I'aven't told ya
about 'ow the guv 'elped me go straight...

Jessica: Whatever. You can tell me all about it later. Right now, I need some
fresh air.

(Jessica then walks away while Yangus turns back, facing the hero.)

Yangus: I shoulda known a bird wouldn't get a story like ours, guv. Still, no
skin off my nose.

(The hero then goes down to the cabin and finds Trode there, with a mysterious

Trode: I did it! I did it! I finally did it! Ah, there you are, (hero)! Perfect
timing! I've got something to show you! Ta-daaa! Looks like a normal pot,
doesn't it? But it's actually a legendary alchemy pot! ...I can see that
doesn't mean much to you. Allow me to explain. The alchemy pot is an invaluable
tool for making different kinds of items! It lets you mix different ingredients
to create hard-to-find items, armour, and weapons. After my kingdom was cursed,
I thought it might come in handy and managed to spirit it out of the castle.
But that's not all. I spent night after night trying to get it working again.
No, no. You can thank me later. Right. Well, it's in my carriage, so why don't
you give it a try? It's surprisingly easy to use.

(The party can now use King Trode's alchemy pot! At this moment a sailor comes

Sailor: Captain! Land ho!

Captain: Belay the rigging and prepare to make port!

Sailor: Aye aye, sir!

Quartermaster: Helmsman! Bring us alongside Peregrin Quay!

(The ship slowly sails towards, and finally arrives the next destination -
the Peregrin Quay.)

Trode: Well, it looks like we've arrived. I'll meet you outside town with Medea
and the carriage. It wouldn't do to stir up the natives again with my extra-
ordinary appearance...!

(Trode then walks away, and the quay is up to the hero to explore. :D)