DQ7 神之Quickjoke(小笑话)一览(不断更新中)

2006-07-12 11:54 | bobohc

1 A guy made a Hork drawn carriage,but it wouldn't start,not enough Hork.
2 A Hork went on vacation.It ordered tomb service!
3 Eh,he might be a teen idle now,but he has no class!
4 Always an inn,never an out!
5 The scuffy bards has a new song,"Slime is on my side."
6 A monster felt unwelcome,it was Slime to move on!
7 Penthouse suite?No,I said:"Crestpent House? sweet!"
8 Slimes like it smily!
9 Going somewhere? Engow!
10 The leather shield will never yield!
11 What did the cleric teach his pet slime?Heal!
12 I swordaroo the day I hurt a banegaroo!
13 Diet?you have come to the wrong place. This is slime fast.
14 Dammit Amitt!
15 A tidal wave hit some imps.The result,a missing Imp,possibly two.
16 A seafarer got a loan,but the high rate made him an irate pirate!
17 A guy has a monster girlfriend.Their relationship is Eggplatonic!
18 A CatMage went out to eat.It asked for extra potions!
19 Heard the one about the Bombcrag who liked rock and roll?
20 Sage?Where is Parsley,Rosemary and Thyme?
21 A battle with a Dragon does tend to drag on.
22 SlimeNites are cowards.They can't sleep without their knight light
23 I stepped on a monster and went slip sliming away.
24 "There is a Armorpion in the castle!""Get it to go outside!"
25 You taught an Imp to cast spells?That's a MageImp!
26 Florajay grew an extra wing.It jioned a three wing circus.
27 Why did the Slime cross the bridge?To get to the other Slime!
28 Hear about the sad robber?He is a thief in grief!
29 A troll got kicked out of the army.It missed Troll call.
30 Cannibox do the hustle?No,it doesn't have defeat for it.
31 A Slime hid gold in a wound,so we had to find it in the nick of the slime.
32 Let's play Cactiball!Three spikes and you're out!
33 What does a Slime use to calculate?A Slime rule!