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Rikku: Hey! Give it back already!
????: Boys!
????: Want in on this number? Then show me your moves!
Paine: Think you can keep up?
Paine: I could've danced all night.
????: Sorry, no time for an encore.
Rikku: Hey, you run too fast!
????男1: You're too slow,little girl.
????男2: Show's over! Bwahaha!
Rikku: Yeowch.
Paine: This way.
????: That's quite enough sniveling, boys.
????: Persistent, aren't you?
Yuna: My grid.
Rikku: You give us back Yunie's Garment Grid right now!
????: Didn't you girls ever learn to share?
Yuna: Give it back.
????: Very well, it's yours.
????: But it won't be yours for long, loves!
Leblanc: I won't let you off so easily next time!
Leblanc and her henchmen ran away.
Rikku: Get back here!
Paine: Rikku.
Yuna: (独白)My body just started dancing by itself. I didn't know what was going on. I was...frightened. Then, while I was dancing, something happened...
Rikku: You sure looked like you were enjoying yourself.
Yuna:I was. It felt like some other person's excitement just took over.
Shinra: That can happen when you use the Garment Grid. The emotions of the person recorded in the sphere pass to the user.
Rikku: Isn't that dangerous?
Shinra: I can't really say.
Buddy: But it's your invention!
Shinra: I'm just a kid.
Brother: Dancing Yuna? I want to see!
Yuna: It'll cost you!
Brother: One moment...
Paine: She's kidding.
Brother: What? No dance?
Brother: Ehlusehk tydy! Gullwings, du ouin cdydeuhc! (Incoming data! Gullwings, to your stations!)
Yuna: (独白)This is Paine. I look up to her as a sphere hunter...and also as a friend. I still don't know her very well. She's not exactly the talkative type. I heard she joined the Gullwings shortly before I did... Rikku doesn't know much about her either.
Paine: What now?
Yuna: Nothing!
Buddy: Still Analysing.
Brother:Duu Cmuf!(Too Slow!)
Buddy:Crid ib!(Shut up!)
Yuna: (独白)Buddy and Brother are old frieds, Buddy said he was onboard the airship with Cid two year ago. When I told him I don't remember, he seems disappointed.
Rikku: Having fun?
Yuna: You bet! (独白) It all began when I saw this sphere of you. At least, it looked like you. I couldn't say for sure. I thought I might find more spheres like it if I joined the Gullwings. So I did. Oh, in case you're wondering, the Gullwings are sphere hunters, and sphere hunters are, well... This! We fly all over Spira. I'm really enjoying myself.
Rikku: Glad to hear it. For a while there, I was starting to feel like a kidnapper.
Yuna: Don't be silly!
Brother: Yuna...has my talking... gotten better?
Yuna: (独白) He really has improved quite a bit. He told me that he practiced just so that he could talk with me more.
Shinra: I know everything.
Yuna: (独白) Shinra's an Al Bhed. He's a real whiz kid.
Barkeep: Mish Yoona, what can I do you yoo?
Yuna: (独白) Our barkeep's a Hypello. No one knows his real name, so everyone just calls him "Barkeep." Brother took him in, and now he works aboard the airship.
[对话完后的选项选择'Rest' 醒来后出门]
Brother: Cbrana fyja yhymocec lusbmada! (Sphere wave analysis complete!) Gullwings, report to the bridge!
Buddy: Treasure sphere waves! They're coming from those ruins they found at Gagazet.
Rikku: All right!
Brother: Haqd cdub: Gagazet! (Next stop: Gagazet!)
〈画面切换,显示Mt. Gagazet的全景〉
Yuna: (独白) Sacred Mt. Gagazet. Silent guardian of Zanarkand, city of the dead. When the fayth disappeared, the clouds enshrouding the mountain began to thin and disperse...revealing long-forgotten ruins among its peaks.
Yuna: Hey, the rocks are floating!
Rikku: Don't tell me we gotta climb up that thing!
Buddy: No worries. I'll take you to the top.
Rikku & Paine: Yuna!
Brother: What's your status?
Rikku: Disasterrific!
Brother: "Disasterrific" is not a word! Say "disastrous" like the rest of Spira!
Rikku: I'm not listening...
Brother: Rikku! Come in!
Paine: You want me to hurt him?
Rikku: That'd be great.
Brother: Come in!
Rikku & Paine: Heave ho!
Yuna: Thanks. That was a little close.
Paine: A little?
Brother: Come in!!
Yuna: We're here. Everything's fine now.
Brother: Yuna, keep an eye on Rikku!
Yuna: You got it!
Rikku: We're not getting across this way.
Paine: Let's find another route.
Paine: A dead end.
Rikku: Just great.
Yuna: Think this machina still works?
Yuna: I wonder how safe this is...
Yuna: It stopped...
Rikku: Owwie.
Brother: What happened? Is Yuna okay?
Yuna: Things are...disasterrific.
Brother: Disasterrific? I am on my way!
Rikku: What about me?
Yuna: Who's there?
Leblanc: Er, Leblanc. Remember that name well, loves!
Yuna: Ah, the thief.
Leblanc: Whatever do you mean? That's what I hate about amateurs...
Rikku: Maybe she'll go away if we ignore her.
Leblanc: You! I heard that! Just as I was saying: amateurs! They have no concept of what it takes to be a true sphere hunter.
Paine: Amateurs? Weren't you following us?
Leblanc: Following? A mere coincidence.
Ormi and Logos appeared at the scene.
Ormi: You was right, Boss, as always.
Logos: Indeed, following them has paid off splendidly.
Leblanc: Laugh while you can!
Leblanc: Hmph! And this is the thanks I get for going easy on you.
Yuna: Hey!
Rikku: Who does she think she is?
Paine: She's getting hurt.
[任务Outrun the Leblanc Syndicate开始,时间限制内到达山顶]
Logos: You look a tad flushed. Why not stop to catch your breath!
[遗迹内部左右两边有两个开关,开启后可以走前面的岔路得到Red Ring,跳下第一个缺口有White Ring]
Ormi: Let's show the ladies a nice, warm welcome!
[跳上石阶以后,绕一圈尽头的箱子里是Star Pendant]
Leblanc: Would-Would you, would you stop staring!
[Leblanc头顶的箱子里有Muscle Belt]
Rikku: It figures we'd run into something like this.
Paine: It comes!
Yuna: Found it!
Leblanc: It's obvious to the trained eye. That sphere's just a dud. Perfect for the Dullwings.
Rikku: Youth wins again!
Yuna: Well, I guess we'll be taking this!
Rikku: Brother! Mission complete!
Buddy: Brother? He's not with you?
Buddy: He said something about Yuna being in trouble, then he just jumped ship.
Shinra: And here he is.
Rikku: He's alive, right? Just leave him there.
Paine: Can you analyze the sphere we found?
Shinra: I'm on it.
[自由行动,和Brother说话并选择Comfort him]
Yuna: Thank you, Brother.
Brother: It was... It's nothing!
Yuna: Don't strain yourself.
Brother: A leader must be tough.
Rikku: Sicko!
Shinra: Analysis complete. Wanna watch the sphere?
Man: I can't believe I actually got a ticket! What a thrill, to be able to shake her hand like that!(这个人应该就是Maechen吧)
Yuna: Think it's worth anything?
Rikku: It's not very exciting.
Paine: Junk.
Shinra: But we can use it as a dressphere.
Buddy: Incoming data. Gullwings, to your stations! Hey, How long do you plan on lying there?
Brother: Aqlica sa. (Excuse me.)
Yuna: What is it?
Buddy: The treasure sphere data you've been dying for. There's at least one on Besaid Island...and another in the Zanarkand Ruins.
Rikku: So, where to?
[会有任务选择的说明,选择去Besaid Island]
〈Besaid Island,村外〉
Yuna: (独白)This must be how a runaway feels after finally coming home. This is the first time I've returned to Besaid since my journey began.
Yuna: I'm a little nervous.
Rikku: I bet, the way you took off without a word.
Wakka: Yeah, you said it.
Wakka: You caused quite a fuss, young lady.
Yuna: I'm sorry.
Wakka: Well, as long as you're okay, ya? Your friend?
Yuna: Oh, this is Paine. We're looking for spheres together.
Wakka: So you're a sphere hunter now... I heard the rumors. To tell you the truth, I wasn't too worried. Gotta say, though... You, uh, do seem pretty different.
Rikku: You haven't changed a bit, tubby!
Wakka: Whoa! Cut it out, ya! I'm going to be a father soon. Got to have a little more presence, you know?
Yuna: How much longer?
Wakka: Any day now?
Rikku: Wakka, a daddy!
Wakka: To tell the truth, I sure don't feel like one. I mean, how do I know how a father's supposed to act in front of his kid?
Rikku: Why not just do what your parents did?
Wakka: Hm, don't remember 'em. Sin saw to that when I was still little.
Yuna: You don't have any spheres of them?
Wakka: Nope, not a single
Rikku: What's wrong?
Wakka: Oh, uh...nothing, nothing. Anyway, do me a favor and go say hi to Lu. She's been worried about you. Get going!
Lulu: Welcome back.
Yuna: Hi, Lulu.
Rikku: So tell us about the baby! It's gonna be born soon, right?
Lulu: Hm. Not yet. Wakka's getting a little ahead of himself.
Rikku: Aw, bummer.
Lulu: So, care to go for a little walk?
Yuna: Can you?
Lulu: I could use the exercise. Come on.
Lulu: So, what's so important that you'd run off without telling us?
Yuna: This.
Lulu: The sphere. Wakka told me about it.
Rikku: Kimahri said he found it on Mt. Gagazet.
Lulu: It does look like him. Though something seems a little off.
Lulu: Have you found anything?
Yuna: Nothing. But there's still lot of places we haven't looked yet.
Lulu: Must be fun, being free to go where you please.
Yuna: It is fun, I never expected a journey quite like this.
Lulu: I'm not there, so you can spread your wings.
Yuna: Maybe.
Lulu: You have spread your wings. Well, good luck. But, Yuna, never forget who you are.
Lulu: You're the high summoner that defeated Sin. There are those who would use that, Yuna.
Yuna: I'll be all right. I won't let myself be used anymore. Not by anyone.
Yuna: Hm?
Lulu: It kicked.
Yuna: Really?
Rikku: I wanna feel!
Lulu: Since you've come all this way, why not stay the night?
Lulu: Good morning.
Yuna: Oh, where's Wakka?
Lulu: He left at daybreak. He said something about a cave.
Rikku: A cave? I wonder what he's up to.
Yuna: Want us to go find out?
Rikku: Yeah, there might be fiends.
Lulu: Thanks. Though, I doubt he'd have trouble handling a few fiends. Still, I'm a little worried. It's not like Wakka to hide things.
Yuna: That's funny. I don't remember there being any cave.
Lulu: I don't know much about it either. Would you mind asking around?
[We're on the case!]
[任务Where’s Wakka开始,找到分散在各处的四个密码,打开洞窟的门,密码的位置在地图上以粉色方块显示]
Brother: Any trouble?
Yuna: We're fine. How about you guys?
Brother: My heart...is aching...
Yuna: Huh?
Brother: Ahh, nothing...
Yuna:Yuna here. Huh. That was weird.
Buddy: It's nothing
Wakka: Something wrong?
Yuna: We came to check on you.
Rikku: Is there something in this cave?
Wakka: Uh, yeah...something like that. Who knows, maybe it's not here,ya? But I thought, "what if..." May it's for real. Then again, maybe it never was. Been so long, I'm not sure anymore.
Paine: So, you're saying there's something that might be here, and you want to know for sure. Right?
Wakka: Right. But you see...I wanna know, and then I sorta don't wanna know.
Rikku: Aw, man, make up your mind! What is this thing, anyway?
Wakka: Well, uh... See, I heard there was this old sphere.
Rikku: A sphere? Of what?
Wakka: A sphere of...you know. What does it matter?
Wakka: Hey, whoa!
Paine: We're sphere hunters, remember?
Rikku: It's as good as ours!
Yuna: All right, Gullwings...
Rikku: Time for business!
Wakka: The Gullwings, huh?
Brother: This is Brother. You all right, Yuna?
Yuna: Yessir!
Rikku: Just ignore him.
Paine: Find a sphere and the fiends appear.
[Boss战,Flame Dragon,HP:980,MP:84,AP:1]
Yuna: One more for the Gullwings!
Wakka: Find anything?
Rikku: We sure did?
Yuna: Let's take a look.
Rikku: This it?
Wakka: Nah, 'fraid not.
Rikku: So, what sphere were you looking for?
Wakka: Well... It's a sphere of our parents. Chappu said he found it.
Rikku: Chappu? Oh, your brother!
Wakka: He was a Crusader. Now he's gone on to the Farplane. Sin got our parents not long after Chappu was born. We were too young to remember their faces, you know? When we were kids, we got into a fight one time and Chappu said: "I found a sphere with mom and dad in it, but I'm not telling you where it is."
Yuna: And you never asked him?
Wakka: I was too boneheaded to let my little brother win. So I went on without asking until I just forgot about it. Then yesterday, talking with you made me think about it again. Chappu used to play in this cave, so I thought maybe he found the sphere here, ya? But when I came to look...I got to thinking.
Rikku: About what?
Wakka: See, I got this picture of my parents in my head, ya? Strong, and kind.. Whenever things got tough, those are the parents I imagined. But their real faces might be totally different, ya? I think about that and I'm not so sure I really wanna know. I was sittin' there trying to figure out what to do. And then you guys showed up.
Rikku: That's our Wakka.
Yuna: The sphere might still be somewhere on the island. Should we look for it?
Wakka: Nah, that's all right. I'm through worrying about that stuff. What's past is past, ya? Can't let it get to me. I'm going to be a father soon. Gotta pull it together!
Rikku: That's right, Dad.
Wakka: But, uh... Just how am I supposed to pull it together? Sure wish I had something to go by, you know?
Buddy: You read me? You guys about finished down there? Brother's starting to get on my nerves.
Yuna: Yeah, we'll be back soon.
Brother: Yay!
[任务结束,得到换装盘Protection Halo]
[回到飞空艇,选择去Zanarkand Ruins]
〈Zanarkand Ruins,入口〉
Yuna: (独白) This is where we sat that night, the seven of us. I've never talked about it. I didn't want to share my memories. I wanted to keep that feeling, this place within me forever. Now look at it.
Paine: A tourist attraction.
Rikku: Whose idea was that?
[任务Claim ther Treasure Sphere开始]
Isaaru: Yuna? You've changed so much, I hardly recognize you. Remember me?
[Of course I remember!]
Yuna: It's good to see you again, Isaaru.
Isaaru: I'm honored that you remembered me.
Yuna: Why are you here?
Isaaru: Ah, yes. I've been helping Cid with his work.
Rikku: Don't look at me.
Isaaru: I guide people through Zanarkand, once the most sacred of places. People come from all over Spira. Sphere hunters, too.
Yuna: Oh.
Rikku: Ugh! What the heck is Pop thinking?
Isaaru: I can see this is upsetting you. But this is a place of great historical importance for all of Spira.
Yuna: I know. But, still... I never wanted anyone else to stand there.
Isaaru: Yuna?
Yuna: Nothing. Forget it.
Isaaru: If you say so... Ah, I must be getting to work now. Please, take care, Yuna.
Pacce: Taro, Hana, you ready?
Taro: Um... What was the clue again?
Hana: Come on! It's "key"!
Pacce: All right, let's head out!
Taro & Hana: Yes, sir!
Taro: Which way?
Pacce: That way!
Hana: Yes!
Pacce: Lady Yuna! Do you remember me?
[Sure I do!]
Yuna:You're Pacce.
Pacce: You remembered me! This is Hana, and this is Taro.
Taro: Nice to meet you, Lady Yuna.
Yuna: What are you doing here? There are fiends around!
Hana: Fiends? Ha!
Pacce: Uh-huh! That's right! We're sphere hunters.
Pacce & Hana: The Kinderguardians!
Taro: The Kinderguardians!
Rikku: You here on some kind of treasure hunt?
Yuna: So "key" must be a clue to finding the treasure.
Pacce: Uh-huh. That's right!
Hana: Shhh! We paid fifteen whole gil for that! Come on, let's go!
Pacce: Kinderguardians, move out!
Pacce: See ya, Lady Yuna.
Paine: Fifteen gil for a clue?
Goon: Come in. Come in. Do you read me? Oh, hey. I wanted to double-check that clue. It's "mon," right? Nah, it's just that I heard some kids saying it was "key." Yeah, I figured it was "mon." Over and out.
Paine: The clues are "key" and "mon"?
Goon: Wha...? The Gullwings?
Yuna: Key-mon?
Rikku: Monkey!
Goon: We won't let you off so easily this time!
Rikku: Um, the clue is "monkey"' right? Just a coincidence?
Cid: Welcome! Well, I'll be. If it isn't Yuna! Come to buy a clue from Uncle Cid, have you?
Rikku: Fryd yna oui drehgehk! (What are you thinking!)
Cid: Huh?
Rikku: Turning this place into a gift shop? Hello!
Cid: What, you got a bone to pick?
[You bet I do!]
Cid:So what's eatin' ya?
Yuna: Well, I can't really say, but... It's...just not right.
Cid: Huh?
Rikku: It's like us turning the ruins of Home into a theme park!
Cid: Huh? I see you point.
Yuna: (独白) Two years ago, we cast off our beliefs here. Our false hope.
????: Muahahahaha!
Rikku: Who's there?
????: You have done well to make it this far, sphere hunters. But you will not have the treasure you seek so easily.
Paine: So we fight.
????: If you want the treasure, you must speak the password!
Paine: Password?
Rikku: Oh, I know! The password is "monkey"!
????: Uh...yes, good. Uh, okay! So now tell me: What is the meaning of life?
Yuna: What?
[Is that you, Isaaru?]
Yuna: Isaaru?
Rikku: Hey. That sort of does sound like Isaaru.
????: Is that your final answer?
Rikku: The jig is up! Show yourself, Isaaru!
????: Uh...fine.
Yuna: Um, what are you doing?
Isaaru: My job. I bring excitement to those who've come to see this sacred place. I, too, once travelled with the hope of seeing this place someday. Working here somehow fulfills that wish.
Yuna: I see...
Isaaru: I must apologize for the quiz. Here's something for your trouble.
[得到换装盘Heart Reborn]
Isaaru: 'Kay! Thanks for coming! And remember, the ruins of Zanarkand will be waiting!
Paine: Ex-summoners come in all flavors
Yuna: Apparently so.
Rikku: We're done here?
Paine: The sphere oscillo-finder picked up a signal. There should still be a sphere nearby.
Yuna: Oh.
Rikku: Right.
Paine: Okay, let's try this again.
Rikku: Aha! Found you!
Paine: We're not alone.
Rikku: Think we need a password?
Paine: How about "kick...its...ass."
[Boss战,Guardian Beast,HP:2886,MP:1000,AP:1]
Rikku: What? It's only half a sphere.
Paine: All that...for nothing.
Rikku: Well, it can't hurt to take it with us.
Yuna: I can't believe how much this place has changed.
Brother: Ehlusehk tydy! Gullwings, du ouin cdydeuhc! (Incoming data! Gullwings, to your stations!)
Buddy: Rao, yfacusa. (Hey, awesome.)
Rikku: What's awesome?
Buddy: We're getting reports of an "awesome sphere"? Looks like it's already drawn quite a crowd. The reports are from Kilika Woods.
Yuna: I want that sphere.
Rikku: It's as good as ours! Let's scramble!
Brother: Who is the leader? I am! I give the orders around here!!
Paine: We're listening.
Brother: Let's go! Party! Party!
〈Kilika Island〉
Yuna: (独白) Can you guess where this is? It's Kilika Port. The Youth League helped rebuild it. Now it's a bustling town. At the time, everyone was grateful. But lately, well, there have been signs of trouble. It seems that tension is building between the Youth League and New Yevon.
Yuna: I wonder what this "awesome sphere" is like.
Rikku: Well, it's definitely awesome!
Yuna: It will be, won't it!
Paine: Keep this up and someone will beat us to it.
Rikku: Sorry. Sorry! Hey, wait up!
Barthello: Dona!
Dona: My my my. Fine, have it your way.
Barthello: Dona!
Dona: Go on, leave.
Barthello: Dona...
Dona: Well, look who we have here.
Yuna: Good to see you.
Rikku: What's with Barthello?
Dona: Nothing out of the ordinary. I am with the Youth League and he is with New Yevon. It makes living together rather difficult.
Yuna: But you've been together so long...
Paine: To each his own.
Dona: Exactly. Butt out.
Yuna: These are all sphere hunters?
Paine: I don't think so.
Rikku: Look over there. Who's that?
Paine: Nooj.
Yuna: Meyvn of the Youth League, right?
Nooj: Greetings, friends! An important sphere is hidden in Kilika Temple. A sphere documenting the true history of Spira. We are here today to demand that New Yevon make the contents of that sphere public.Yet, as always, the voice seeking truth goes ignored. My friends, I ask you: why? Because New Yevon wants to hide the truth! Just as the temples did before them! I tell you now, this has gone on long enough! My friends, stand with me, and together we will bring the truth back to the people.
Nooj: But...let's not overdo it. Our opponents aren't as young as they used to be.
Yuna: Not exactly what I had expected.
Rikku: Hey, that's our sphere! Oh, poopie! So what now? Call it quits?
Paine: Don't know about you, but I could use an awesome sphere.
Yuna: Hmm. Okay! They can't decide who it belongs to? I say we make it our own. Right?
Rikku & Paine: Right!
[任务Awesome Sphere Heist开始,找到Tempe里的晶球]
众人: Hand over the sphere! The temples have controlled Spira's secrets long enough!
守卫: Spheres? Secrets? What's this about?
众人: Don't play dumb! We know you're guarding something!
守卫: Hey! We're here to guard our families from rabble like you.
众人: What did you say?
守卫: I think it's time you left.
[正确回答全部口令可得到换装盘Menace of the Deep]
僧侣: Which is why I keep telling you...
Dona: Shut up. Just give us the sphere and we'll be on our way.
僧侣: I don't know what you're talking about.
群众甲: Hey! I found the sphere!
Dona: There you have it.
Dona: What's that?
僧侣: I had a little something prepared for just such an occasion. Nice knowing you!
Rikku: How you like that?
Yuna: Not bad at all!
Dona: Just what do you think you're doing?
Yuna: Actually, we're sphere hunters.
Dona: So?
Yuna: Gullwings, let's go! Sorry, Dona, the sphere is ours.
Paine: Tough luck.
〈Chapter 1结束〉
〈Chapter 2开始〉  
Rikku: Did you see their faces? They totally wet their pants!
Yuna: Maybe we overdid it?
Brother: "Overdid it"? There is no such thing! The Gullwings shall be notorious throughout Spira!
Paine: They weren't all that happy.
Rikku: Huh?
Paine; Don't forget that notoriety can be a bad thing.
Brother: So what? I want to have fun!
Buddy: Just make sure you don't do anything to land us in hot water, okay?
Rikku: Awww... Where's the fun in being plain old regular sphere hunters?
Brother: Yeah! What she said!
Paine: Oh, no...
Yuna: What?
Shinra: Whenever Rikku and Brother agree...bad stuff happens.
Yuna: That...can't be good.
Yuna: How'd the sphere analysis go?
Shinra: Hmmm... It's just a regular movie sphere. It doesn't appear to have any special functions. You wanna take a look?
????: You know, you're all I can count on to save Lenne.
Brother: Fryd eh Spira ec dryd machina? (What in Spira is that machina?)
Buddy: Any ideas?
Shinra: Not a one. But, as machina go, it looks extremely dangerous. Definitely a weapon.
Rikku: Yunie...it's him.
Yuna: (独白) Is it you? Or does he just look like you?
Brother: U tyr'd mega drec cbrana. (I don't like this sphere.)
Yuna: (独白) And...who's this "Lenne"?
Brother: Gullwings! Front and center!
Brother: So, uh... Let's give back that sphere, what do you say?
Rikku: But we worked so hard to get it!
Brother: That thing is uber bad news.
Buddy: What if we donated the sphere to the study of Spira's history? That's what being a sphere hunter was originally about, right?
Paine: It's a little late to be bringing that up.
Rikku: Yeah! We already swiped it!
Brother: Well, I still don't want it! We're giving it back! Now!
Rikku: You don't mind?
Yuna: I've seen it.
Buddy: It's still pretty shameless to saunter up and give back the sphere we just stole.
Brother: Oui pi xiead! (You be quiet!)
Paine: Our reputation is all but worthless if we do that. Our leader's, too, no less.
Brother: Crid ib! (Shut up!)
Yuna: Well, now, this isn't any fun at all.
Rikku: I really gotta let off some steam.
Buddy: Whaddaya got in mind?
Shinra: Why don't we ask Yuna to dance?
Yuna: Dance?
Brother: Oh? That's it! Yuna, you must dance! Our sanity depends on it!
Paine: That sounds like an order, Yuna.
Yuna: The exercise will do us good.
Brother: Whoopeeee!
Yuna: Hang tight while I get ready.
Yuna: What's that sound?
Brother: Ah, just some hitchhikers I picked up. They're a colorful bunch.
[来到Cabin门外和音乐家说话,选择Atually, I'm singing tonight...]
Yuna: Who's Lenne? Why...why am I so mad? Who the heck is Lenne!
Yuna: I'm going to go to bed.
Yuna: What-
Paine: What "what"?
Yuna: It must've been a dream.
Paine: A dream's a dream.
Rikku: Blame it on your new jammies.
Yuna: What's up?
Buddy: Returning the sphere is all well and good, but who do we return it to?
Shinra: With the Youth League and New Yevon, it's a lose-lose situation.
Brother: What do you think, Yuna?
Yuna: I'll follow your orders, Leader!
Brother: Uh... Aha! As leader, I order Yuna to decide!
Yuna: Hey, that's cheating!
Brother: Where to?
[I've decided]
Rikku: New Yevon...well it's got "Yevon" in its name. Enough said.
Paine: But the Youth League is reckless. They're the ones picking the fights.
Brother: Well? WELL?
Yuna: Ummm...
[Youth League]
Brother: Works for me! Let's go with it! Gullwings, move out!
〈Mushroom Rock Road,Youth League HQ外〉
Rikku: Wow! They're pulling out all the stops!
Yuna: I wonder why...
Paine: You're the high summoner, remember?
Brother: Tadyemc, tadyemc. Cruf cusa lmycc, syh. (Details, details.Show some class, man.)
Shinra: Gullwings, GO! La-la-la-la-la! Gullwings, FIGHT! La-la-la- laaaa! ?
Yuna: We'd like to give you the sphere that you were looking for. Now that you have this, you can stop the fighting in Kilika.
Nooj: How generous...and how sudden. Maybe you should start by introducing yourself, High Sum-
Rikku: We're the Gullwings.
Nooj: I see. Sphere hunters. In that case, I gratefully accept the sphere you have brought. On behalf of the Youth League, I thank you. Everyone, three cheers for the Gullwings!
〈Youth League HQ〉
Nooj: So did you watch it?
Rikku: Hm?
Nooj: The sphere.
Rikku: Well um, you see... I, uh... Um, uh... Heheh?
Yuna: We did.
Rikku: Oh boy.
Nooj: Forget.
Yuna: I'm afraid I cannot.
Paine: Yuna! Don't let him push you around.
Nooj: Some advice: That...thing... The colossus you saw is known as Vegnagun. It possesses overwhelming destructive power. It must not be touched! Yet those Yevon fools think they can control it. The Youth League will do whatever it takes to make sure they do not get a chance to try. Trust me, you don't want to get involved.
Yuna: Tell me... Who was the man I saw in the sphere?
Nooj: I cannot say.
Yuna: I see.
Buddy: Hey, we got a distress signal from the Celsius! Gullwings, we're leaving!
〈飞空艇,Engine Room〉
Barkeep: Intruders? Anything mishing? Shtill inveshtitagating.
Shinra: It's official. We've been burgled. The broken sphere from the Zanarkand Ruins is missing.
Buddy: Looks like the burglar left us a present.
Leblanc: Who's on top now, Dullwings? It'll be a thousand years before you can take on the mighty Leblanc!
Paine: She got us.
Yuna: Oh, poopie!
Rikku: Yuna! Don't talk like that!
Yuna: I'm just copying you!
Paine: That's nice. And?
Yuna: We're gonna take it back! No one messes with us!
Paine: And what about Vegnagun?
Yuna: (独白) I didn't want to get too involved. Not like when I was a summoner...
Yuna: We're forgetting who we are! We're sphere hunters! The Gullwings!
Brother: That's right! We steal back what is stolen. It is the law of the sphere hunter! Now we go to Chateau Leblanc! We attack in the name of honor!
Shinra: ...get our hineys kicked in the name of honor.
Yuna: Maybe we can sneak in in disguise?
Brother: That's it! Yuna, you are brilliant!
Rikku: So, we have to fly around till we find Leblanc's gang-
Paine: Beat them up and steal their uniforms. Three of them.
[开始任务Strip Search,找3件制服]
〈Djose Highroad〉
Goon 1: That's weird. Where did we drop that thing? We gotta find that sphere or the boss'll be furious! We might even...get the heel!
Goon 2: Why don't you stop complaining and help me look?
Yuna: Hey, did you hear that? Let's find it first!
Paine: Someone's turning Yuna into a bad girl.
Rikku: Who?
[任务Two Birds, One Stone开始,找到Goon丢失的晶球]
〈找到晶球Floral Fallal〉
Ormi: So that's where it was! Sorry for the trouble. I appreciate yous finding it for us, though.
Ormi: What? You're not giving it back?
Ormi: The nerve!
Logos: The Gullwings!
Ormi: These meanies won't give me back the sphere!
Logos: So then we take it back.
Ormi: Ah!
Logos: And on that note... Take it back!
〈Bikanel Desert〉
Nhadala: before you start digging, I'd really like you to go check out the Oasis for me. Some strange stuff's been washing up there lately. I'd appreciate it if you looked into it.
Pilot: Where can I take you?
[任务Water We Doing Here开始,到Oasis察看异常情况]
Rikku: Look! A sphere!
[得到换装晶球Machian Maw]
Logos: Well, fancy meeting you here. You can lead a Gullwing to water, but you can't make it drink!
Rikku: Ummm?
Paine: Say, those are nice uniforms.
Logos: Enough of this nonsense!
〈Mt. Gagazet〉
Kimahri: Kimahri Sorry.
Yuna: Sorry about what?
Kimahri: Kimahri look for sphere for Yuna, but Kimahri find nothing. Kimahri disappoint Yuna.
Yuna: It's all right Kimahri. Of course, I'm happy that you tried to help. but Yuna has to deal with Yuna problems.
Kimahri: Kimahri search mountaion long time, but still one place Kimahri not look. Fayth Scar rises high on mountion. Scar is sacred ground which Ronso not tread.
Paine: Might still be some sphere up there.
Kimahti: Summoners no longer climb mountain. Now only sphere hunters come.Kimahri worry hunters defile sacred ground.
Rikku: Do you think it's Leblanc and her goons?
Yuna: Maybe we should check.Is that okay?
Kimahri: Kimahri trust Yuna. Kimahri not worry.
〈Fayth Scar〉
Yuna: Must be up ahead...
Rikku: You mean we're supposed to climb this?
Paine: No wonder the Ronso never come here.
Yuna: Look!
[任务Spring into Action开始,搜索Fayth Scar]
Goon 1: That water felt great! Can you believe there's a hot spring in a place like this?
Goon 2: But isn't this supposed to be sacred Ronso ground? Maybe this wasn't such a god idea...
Goon 1: What? You think some Ronso boogie man is gonna come get you? Better that than the boss, know what I mean?
Ormi: Hey! You two been slacking off?
Goon 1: No, we were, uh, getting ready for duty. Just trying to, uh, rejuvenate, sir.
Yuna: What's this?
Rikku: A hot spring?
Paine: Were those Leblanc's goons?
Rikku: Look! They forgot something!
Yuna: Well, as long as we're here...
Rikku: On sacred ground?
Paine: No one's looking.
Yuna: This feels great.
Rikku: Hmm... What have we here?
Yuna: What?
Rikku: Hmm... Whatever. I know who's got it goin' on!
Yuna: Excuse me!
Paine: Stay away!
Rikku: Who-hoa!
Paine: Wanna get hurt?
Rikku: You should check out Paine?
Paine: Hurt time!
Rikku: You want some?
Yuna: Ooh! Let me help!
Paine: Where were we?
Rikku: I didn't mean it!
Paine & Yuna: Too late!
Brother: Yuna, what's all the noise?
Yuna: Just taking a little dip.
Brother: Y meddma teb! (A little dip!) Code pink! I'll be there right now!
Yuna: Brother?
Buddy: Don't worry, I knocked him out.
Rikku: Maybe we should get out. I'm getting all pruney!
Yuna: I really needed that.
Goon 1: We'll be taking that uniform back!
Goon 2: If we lose it, Leblanc will give us the heel!
Ormi: Lousy Gullwings! Falling down on people like that. Gave me a little surprise, that's all.
Paine: For a little surprise, you sure took a while to come back.
Ormi: Who asked you!
Brother: This is Brother! How is everything?
Yuna: Mission accomplished! We found ourselves a uniform.
Brother: Roger! We're on our way!
Yuna: Well?
Brother: It's perfect!
Rikku: We're off to Chateau Leblanc!
Paine: Let's settle the score.
Yuna: I hope this works.
Paine: Worry after we're caught.
Rikku: Okie-dokie. Let's change.
Goon: Huh?
Yuna & Rikku: Reporting for duty!
Goon: Th-Thanks?
Rikku: Another smashing success!
Paine: We're not done yet. Where's the sphere?
Nooj: Thank you, Leblanc.
Leblanc: Anything for you, love.
Nooj: Now I finally know the location of Vegnagun. Spira is in for a rough ride. Take care.
Leblanc: Yes, love.Leblanc: Yes, love.
Leblanc: Oh, how long must we be apart? These days without you are not easy on me, love.
Ormi: The boss is a different person when that Nooj guy shows up, huh?
Logos: Suppressing her natural charm and acting like some housewife... She must be tense.
Logos: You, go to the boss's chambre and tend to your duties.
Yuna: What...duties?
Ormi: You know, use your talents to help her, uh, unwind.
Leblanc: I'm waiting.
Leblanc: Hmm, that is good. When did you get so good at this?
Yuna: Uh, um... I-I dunno.
Leblanc: Noojie-Woojie is such a manly man, don't you think? He can be blunt, but that makes the occasional smile all the more irresistible! That godly smile... That's the whole reason I became a sphere hunter. Oh, if only there were some miracle sphere...something that could make him truly happy. What I wouldn't give!
Yuna: She fell asleep!
Yuna: I'm that good?
Logos: The boss fell asleep again? One massage and she's out like a light.
Ormi: We's been waiting for her, too, 'cause she had something important to tell us.
Logos: We'll just have to keep waiting. In the meantime, you, go make sure the switch panel is working.
Yuna: Uh, switch?
Ormi: The back of the living room! The same one as always!
〈一层Live Room〉
Yuna: What does it do?
Rikku: Huh? That's it? What a letdown!
Yuna: Rikku!
Rikku: Whose idea was that?
Paine: Take it up with the boss.
Yuna: Boss?
Paine: Ah? I've had this thing on too long. Let's change.
Brother: This is Brother! How's it going?
Rikku: Be quiet! This is a covert operation. Over and out.
Brother: Rikku! How dare you speak to your leader like that!
Rikku: Ooh! Shut up, already!
Ormi: Hrm? Who's there? Ah! The Gullwings!
Yuna: Uh-oh!
Rikku: Hey! This isn't the sphere they stole, is it?
Yuna: Let's watch it.Yuna: Let's watch it.
Ormi: Let's see. Total survivors of the final Crimson Squad selection exercise: zero, zilch, and zipall. Job done.
Logos: You pinhead. Did you even count? Look. There are bodies missing. There should be three more candidates and their recorder.
Ormi: Uh, your point?
Logos: Three plus one makes how many? Four still live. Fix it. Figures.
Ormi: Did you say something?
Logos: No, sir! Pay him no mind.
Paine: It's a dud.
Logos: Only naughty girls would scrounge through other people's bedrooms.
Rikku: What about you? You're the ones who broke into our airship!
Logos: The boss's orders are permission enough!
Rikku: It's gotta be in here, right?
Paine: Let's split up and look.
Rikku: Found it!
Paine: Found it.
Yuna: Huh?
Paine: Now I get it. I was wondering why they'd bother stealing half a broken sphere.
Rikku: Of course! They already had the other half!
Leblanc: Very good, loves.
Leblanc: I went through a lot of trouble gathering those pieces-all for Noojie-Woojie. So don't you lay a finger on it! Let's get 'em, boys!
Logos & Ormi: Yes, Boss!
Rikku: Well? Want another helping of your just desserts?
Paine: No one's gonna hear you scream from down here.
Leblanc: W-Wait a second! I'll let you see what's in the sphere!
Paine: Let us?
Leblanc: Please, the sphere is yours to watch.
Leblanc: That is the colossus Vegnagun. We've finished our analysis of the sphere. It appears to have been recorded underneath Bevelle.
Paine: I see Bevelle hasn't lost its old fondness for secrets.
Leblanc: Exactly. Those Yevon scum have been concealing that weapon all along. If anyone uses that thing, Spira is done for.
Rikku: But it's a machina! All we have to do is shakey-shake our way up to it and take it apart!
Leblanc: That's what Noojie's got in mind. And of course, whatever he's planning is what I'm planning. What about you?
Yuna: Me?
Leblanc: The summoner who defeated Sin ought to stand up and defend Spira again.
Leblanc: So then I guess we're on the same side. We'll be waiting for you.
Paine: Waiting where?
Leblanc: Don't be silly, love. On your airship, of course. I've always wanted to take a spin on that thing!
Rikku: Ever heard of asking?
Yuna: (独白)Sin is gone. The Calm is here. I thought our peaceful days would never end. The Eternal Calm. I really believed it would last forever...until now. I realized how fragile it can be.
Leblanc: First things first. We are going to Bevelle. Full speed ahead!
Brother: You just wait, blondie! Yuna. What next?
Leblanc: She's off to save Spira, of course!
Yuna: Right!
Rikku: Yunie, Yunie.
Paine: Always getting herself dragged into trouble.
Yuna: Well, we're going to Bevelle. There should be lots of spheres there! So why don't we hunt for them on the side?
Leblanc: Just admit it, love. You're a goody-goody.
Rikku: So how we gonna do this?
Yuna: Um...
Leblanc: It's obvious! We nab the head honcho. Then, we make him lead us to Vegnagun, and...checkmate.
Yuna: Not bad.
Ormi: I got not problem with this. Our target is the New Yevon praetor, Baralai!
Logos: A girly man like that doesn't stand a chance without his escort.
Paine: Careful. He's much stronger than he looks.
Paine: Company.
Guard: Who goes there? It's those Youth League spies! We won't have you defile this place like you did in Kilika!
Leblanc: Well, good luck!
Yuna: Good luck?
Rikku: Geez, things really are a mess, huh?
Yuna: Yeah.
Rikku: Wait. What are fiends doing in the temple?
Paine: The temples reek of secrets. Don't let a couple of fiends throw you.
Yuna: Watch the exit!
Leblanc: I don't take orders!
Leblanc: But...I'll make an exception this time. Leave it to us, love!
Rikku: Hey!
Rikku: Yunie! That sphere with you-know-who in it. Wasn't it recorded here?
Leblanc: Get your head out of the clouds and move it!
Yuna: (独白) There's a connection. Everything is connected. I can feel it.
Baralai: What's this? High Summoner Yuna? I was wondering who was there.
Baralai: Harsh words. You don't have to tell me. I know why you've come. You're here to destroy the weapon that threatens all Spira: Vegnagun. Am I right? If it could be destroyed we would have done so long ago. But Vegnagun must not be touched. Neither you nor Nooj seem to understand that.
Paine: You talked to Nooj?
Baralai: He...cannot be trusted.
Rikku: And you can be?
Baralai: Touche. Yes, I suppose Yevon has brought that distrust upon itself. At any rate, you need not interfere. Leave Vegnagun to me.
Yuna: What are you planning to do?
Baralai: The only thing I can do: Keep those who would seek to harm Vegnagun away. Please leave.
Paine: Yuna. Rikku. I'm going.
Baralai: Paine!
Paine: Sorry, I'm going ahead.
Yuna: You have your reasons.
Rikku: Fill us in later, 'kay?
Paine: Much later.
Rikku: Wait up!
Yuna: (独白) With so many things woven together... what could be waiting where the threads meet?
Rikku: No way...
Paine: What is it?
Rikku: It's an aeon!
Yuna: An aeon...
Yuna: You must stop!
Paine: You wanna get killed? We have no choice!
Yuna: (独白) Why is this happening? I wish you were here with me.
Yuna: Thank you Paine. You were right. We had to fight it, didn't we?
Rikku: Nothing...
Yuna: This hole was made recently.
Rikku: You think it was Vegnagun? Unreal... How deep do you think it goes?
Leblanc: What? Where's Vegnagun?
Yuna: Not here.
Leblanc: It must have fled in terror, knowing I was coming.
Rikku: I don't think so.
Leblanc: I must report to Noojie-Woojie at once. Boys, record this. Don't miss a single detail!
Logos & Ormi: Yes, Boss!
Paine: Vegnagun. Was it really here?
Yuna: (独白) This isn't how it was supposed to be. The Eternal Calm... I can feel it crumbling, falling away from beneath our feet.
Brother: Yuna! We are in super doo-doo! Get back to Celsius on the double!
〈Chapter 2 结束〉
Chapter 3  
Buddy: Trouble, and I mean big time! Fiends are pouring out of the temples!
Rikku: Which ones?
Brother: Only all of them! It's a freakin' state of emergency! What should we do?
Brother: Is it Gullwing time?
Shinra: Now exactly sphere hunter work.
Buddy: True. But seeing Yuna out there could calm people down.
Paine: They'll expect her to do the dirty work.
Rikku: Yeah, but Yunie wants to help. Don't you?
Rikku: Hey, I got an idea! We can be "Your Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings"!
Buddy: You mean taking out fiends and charging for it?
Brother: E mega ed! (I like it!)
Paine: What do you think?
Yuna: Well, why not? If that means we can help out people who are in trouble, then sure!
Rikku: Right, that means sphere hunting's on hold!
Yuna: Your Friendly neighborhood Gullwings!
Brother: It's decided! Where to?
Buddy: Wait a sec!
Brother: Rinno ib.(Hurry up)
Buddy: What could this mean? Meyvn Nooj of the Youth League, ...and Baralai, praetor of New Yevon...gone. They've disappeared.
Brother: Fascinating. All right! Never mind. Now, Friendly Neighboring Gullwings... Where to?
〈Besaid Island〉
Yuna: The fiends?
Lulu: They're coming from inside the temple. But it's all right. Wakka and the others fought them off. Luckily no one was hurt.
Buddy: Guess Your Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings won't be needed.
Lulu: Any fiends they missed may still be wandering around. Wakka and the rest split up to track them down. Give them a hand.
Buddy: The Gullwings are on the job. We'll even give you our special bargain price.
Lulu: That's nice.
Yuna: Sorry, Lulu!
Lulu: That's okay, it's all right. Now go. Take a look around. People in the village will feel better knowing you're here, Yuna.
Yuna: Whatcha up to?
Shinra: Installing a CommSphere. You never know when you might need a CommSphere.
Yuna: A new invention of yours?
Brother: Shinra, did you fall and get a boo-boo?
Shinra: Here's the perfect guinea pig.
Brother: Oh! I can see Yuna!
Shinra: The CommSphere transmits an image back to the airship.
Yuna: Oh, neat.
Brother: More, more!
Shinra: How asinine.
Rikku: Yunie! Yunie! Something's up!
Beclem: What's there to decide, Wakka? We can finish off the fiends right here and now.
Wakka: Burning down the temple is going too far!
Beclem: You have another suggestion?
Beclem: We have to do something. What if the fiends keep coming? Or maybe you don't mind putting your family in danger?
Wakka: Hey! All we gotta do is stop the fiends, ya?
Wakka ran into the temple. Yuna's group proceeds into to temple. In there, Yuna's group talks to Beclem.
Beclem: Wakka's inside, fighting fiends. It would be so simple to burn this place down and take the fiends with it. Praying to them never did anyone any good. You're the one who defeated Sin. You should know.
Beclem: Going to help him? I won't wait much longer.
Yuna: You want to see it burn that badly?
Beclem: It's for the safety of the village.
Yuna: Wakka!
Rikku: You okay?
Wakka: Just a few scratches, eh? Nothin' to worry about.
Paine: There are too many. Let's get out while we can. The man was right: We have to use fire.
Wakka: Whatever's controlling the fiends must be down there. Take that bad boy out.
Yuna: And we won't need fire.
Paine: Fair enough.
Yuna: Wakka, stay here.
Wakka: Why?
Rikku: Wouldn't want you to overdo it, Daddy.
Wakka: Hey, wait up!
Wakka: An aeon?
Yuna: No...something's not right...
Rikku: Wakka, stay back! It's not safe!
Yuna: That was my very first aeon.
Paine: Hm.
Yuna: I grew up here in Besaid. This is my home. I became a summoner here. (独白) This is where I first met you.I have to protect this place.
Wakka: Yuna...
Paine: The job's done.
Beclem: I see. Glad to see you're not hurt. Or...are you? Aren't you going to be a father soon? What if something had happened to you? What then?
Rikku: Quiet, meanie!
Wakka: It's okay. What can I say. He's got a point.
Yuna: Wakka...
Wakka: If we die trying to save one memory, we risk losing them all.
Rikku: But, what if it's a really important memory?
Wakka: "Memories are nice, but that's all they are." It's an Al Bhed saying, ya?
Rikku: Well, yeah, but...
Brother: Yuna, you all right?
Yuna: Yeah, just fine.
Brother: I'll be waiting!
Paine: Talk about a one-track mind.
Wakka: Memories and just...memories, ya? Fiends ever come out of the temple again, I may really have to burn it.
Yuna: I guess so. But call me before you do. We'll save fire for our last resort.
Wakka: You got it.
〈Kilika Island〉
Dona: My, my, my, my... What brings you here?
Yuna: We heard fiends were coming from the temple.
Dona: And you just had to come running.
Yuna: Well, uh, I wouldn't say that.
Dona: I'm not even so sure there are any fiends.
Paine: You haven't checked?
Dona: I'm in the Youth League. Do you think they'd let me in the temple.
Rikku: So now what? We giving up?
Yuna: Let's take a look first.
Dona: You'll never get near the temple. The Youth League's blockaded the forest entrance. As they should. We can't have those temple vermin crawling into town now, can we? Besides, it spares me from having to see that sulky face.
Rikku: Sulky face... Barthello?
Dona: Of course. He's with New Yevon, so naturally he's in the temple. But then it's really none of my business.
Yuna: Then we'll make it ours. Besides, I'm worried about the fiends.
Dona: If you want to go that badly, I won't stop you. But they're turning people away at the gate.
Dona: I've got it. I'll distract one of the guards. That's your chance to run through.
Yuna: I knew she was worried about him.
Rikku: I think it's working!
Paine: That leaves one. Let's wait for our chance, and take it.
守卫: You, what are you doing!
Paine: Run!
Dona: There's a hidden path through the woods. Walk the treetops!
Paine: Dona said there was a hidden path.
Yuna: "Walk the treetops"...
Rikku: Barthello?
Barthello: I'll be okay.
Yuna: The fiends?
Barthello: We're holding them off...somehow. They're coming from inside! One after another...
Barthello: If the fiends reach the town, they'll reach...Dona!
Yuna: They won't.
Barthello: Thanks.
Rikku: Dona wants to see you. Well, she didn't come right out and say it, but you can kinda tell.
Barthello: I want to see her, too. Even if we believe different things, I'll always feel the same about her. The time of the summoners may have passed, but I will always be Dona's guardian. I live only to protect her!
Paine: And you can say that with a straight face?
Barthello: Dona!
Yuna: Again...
Paine: An aeon?
Yuna: Yeah.
Rikku: Yunie...
Yuna: I know. I'm ready.
[战斗,召唤兽Ifrit ]
Paine: Another hole. Hmm...
Rikku: Mmm... I don't get it!
Shinra: Fortunately, I know everything.
Rikku: So why were fiends coming out of the temples?
Shinra: The fiends didn't come from the temples. They came from the Chambers of the Fayth.
Rikku: Right, exactly! But why?
Shinra: I'm just a kid.
Paine: The holes in the Chambers of the Fayth-were they there before?
Yuna: No.
Rikku: So the holes must be new, right?
Paine: There was one in Bevelle, too. A great hole...
Rikku: But that one was made by Vegnagun, wasn't it?
Yuna: That's true, but they're connected somehow.
Brother: The holes...are connected?
Yuna: Yes, but it's more than just that. Somehow I think there are deeper connections.
Brother: Ohhh... That is deep, Yuna.
Buddy: Distress call from Djose Temple!
Brother: Djose? Is it Gippal?
Buddy: Hmm. Looks like they got into some trouble trying to clear out the fiends.
Brother: Right! Here's the order! Gullwings! Forget it! Let Gippal save himself!
Rikku: What?
Brother: Gippal kadc ymm dra yldeuh. (Gippal gets all the action.)
Rikku: Kessa y pnayg! (Gimme a break!)
Buddy: Well, Yuna?
Yuna: Well, we'll just have to charge him a little extra, then. Gullwings, let's go!
Rikku: Aw, can't we give him a discount?
〈Djose Temple〉
Rikku: Frana ec Gippal? (Where is Gippal?)
Al Bhed: Fa tu hud ghuf. Ra ryc jyhecrat. (We do not know. He has vanished.)
Rikku: Dryd hehlusbuub! (That nincompoop!)
Yuna: Is Gippal gone, too?
Rikku: Uh-huh.
Yuna: The leaders of all three groups...missing?
Rikku: I have a hunch something funny's going on.
Paine: Save the hunches for later.
Al Bhed: Fa dneat vekrdehk dra veahtc uh uin ufh, pid fa uhmo syta drehkc funca. (We tried fighting the fiends on our own, but we only made things worse.) Dra veahtc vuiht y fyo du sanka fedr uin machina. (The fiends found a way to merge with our machina.)
Rikku: Translation: Not good!
Yuna: Then that's our cue.
Rikku: An aeon?
Paine: Merged with Al Bhed machina. Isn't that what they said?
Yuna: How can this be...
Rikku: Another hole. I wonder what's down there.
Paine: Go find out.
Rikku: Uh-uh! No way!
Yuna: (独白) The hole we found was so deep... It was as though all the secrets in the world might be hidden in its depths... But something told me to stay away. These secrets are not for me to know.
Paine: Get back!
Rikku: Huh?
Yuna: What?
Paine: Yuna!
Rikku: Yunie!
Yuna: It's so bright.
????: Can you hear me?
Yuna: Yes.
????: Ah, you can hear me.
Yuna: I can't see you. Where are you?
????: Right here!
Yuna: What's happening?
????: I finally found you.
Yuna: Is that really you?
Shuyin: It is me, Shuyin. I've waited so long, Lenne.
Yuna: But I'm not Lenne.
Shuyin: Lenne. We disappeared together, but when I awoke, I was alone. I looked for you for so long. While I wandered, I realized something: Spira hasn't really changed at all. Everyone's still fighting over nothing. Still dying like they used to. A thousand years have passed, and they can't leave the hatred behind. I'm through waiting. I'll fix it. This world continues to fail us, and what's worse, I failed to protect you. (clenches his fist) Vegnagun will make that all go away. And we'll fade together again, together. Help me do it, Lenne.
Yuna: Don't touch me.
Yuna: (独白) Whose feelings are these? Lenne's? Mine?
Nooj: Open your eyes!
Baralai: The end is not far now.
Nooj: Give this to Paine. It was all I was able to find.
Gippal: Give her this one, too.
Yuna: Huh?
Nooj: Our wills.
Gippal: He's kidding. Just make sure Paine gets 'em, all right?
Yuna: How do you know her?
Gippal: The four of us go way back.
Yuna: Don't go!
Gippal: It's under control!
Nooj: Take care of things topside.
Yuna: (独白) I didn't know what had happened. Everywhere I looked, I found only questions. But more than anything... (talking) I'm just...angry. One thing after another, and I'm already confused to begin with... Hey! Where am I?
Yuna: I'm all alone...
Yuna: Where are you?
Buddy: Come in, Yuna. Yuna!
Yuna: Yuna, reporting in.
众人: Yuna!
〈Chapter 3结束〉
Chapter 4
〈Chapter 5开始〉  
Rikku: Vegnagun's definitely bothering me, but there are other things we need to worry about, too. Look at Spira. It's a total mess.
Paine: Shall we go check things out?
Rikku: I don't know if we have time.
Yuna: Well...let's play it by ear.
Paine: Way to take control.
Brother: Gullwings! Round up! It's strategy time!
Shinra: We know Vegnagun is in the deepest reaches of the Farplane. The only way in is to jump into one of those holes.
Buddy: Yeah, but which one?
Yuna: There's one in Besaid, one in Kilika, and one in Djose Temple.
Shinra: And the hole that Vegnagun opened up in the Bevelle Underground.
Rikku: So which one do we jump into?
Brother: Who cares! We just pick a hole and dive! Yuna! You can decide which hole we pick.
Brother: Made up your mind? Where will you jump in?
Brother: You're really going in?
Yuna: Yup.
Brother: The time for invasion has come! Sphere hunter team Gullwi...Hm? Your friendly neigh... Heh? What are we called now?
Shinra: Does it really matter?
Brother: Good point... Surging Flapping Neighboring Gullwings, attack!!
Buddy: Whoa, such passion!
Rikku: Seriously!
Paine: I'm so moved.
Yuna: At any rate, let's go!
Shinra: The Gullwings' last mission. Let's do it.
Buddy: Hey, hey, hey, none of this 'last mission' business, you hear?
Shinra: For me...it probably will be.
Shinra: Be careful.
Yuna: I'll be fine. We're just going to talk, after all.
Brother: Save the huggy-huggies for your triumphant return! Yes!
Buddy: Um, hey, look what the boys thought up!
Brother: That's right!
Boys: Go, go, go, Gullwings!
Yuna: It's time, Gullwings.
Girls: Let's rock!
Fayth: Yuna. I'm sorry. We weren't strong enough to stop him. We wanted to at least warn someone...but instead, we were dragged into the darkness. We're no better than fiends.
Yuna: It's all right.
Fayth: Forgive us.
Yuna: Please. Tell me. What is he?
Fayth: Shuyin? Just a shadow. It may look like him, but the real Shuyin died long ago. Even after a thousand years, his hate and misery linger on. His feelings grew so strong, they began to act on their own... Eventually, they became a shadow-a shade that wants only to vanish, but cannot.
Yuna: Just a shadow... I can handle a shadow.
Fayth: Are you sure?
Yuna: Yes. Leave it to me.
Yuna: I'll banish shadow with light.
Rikku: Light?
Paine: Lenne's feelings.
Yuna: That's right. Call it...love.
Rikku: Hey!
Leblanc: Hmph. You certainly took your sweet time.
Yuna: Why are you here?
Logos: Because the boss never goes against Lord Nooj's wishes.
Paine: You found him?
Ormi: As we was headin' in, we found a sphere addressed to the boss.
Leblanc: he said, "Don't follow me. Turn back now and wait for my return.
Paine: Actually doing what you're told? How novel.
Leblanc: What can I say? One look at Noojie-Woojie's dashing visage on that sphere and I was-oh!-charmed. How can I say no to such a kyootzie- wootzie face? What if he-
Rikku: Don't worry. If he knows you're waiting, he has a reason to come home.
Leblanc: And wait I shall.
Rikku: We'll tell him that you're waiting like a good girl.
Leblanc: You do that, love. And don't forget to stress 'good girl'
[来到Heart of the Farplane,输入正确的音阶后前进,不然会遇敌]
Rikku: Gippal!
Gippal: I got...careless.
Paine: Are you all right?
Gippal: I could use...a nap.
Yuna: Where's Nooj?
Gippal: He went ahead.
Rikku: Guess she couldn't stay away.
Leblanc: I never said where I would wait!
Yuna: Well, then please, take care of Gippal.
Leblanc: You dare give me an order?
Paine: Look, we'll tell Nooj you're waiting like a good girl and doing your part for the team.
Leblanc: All right, I'm in.
Gippal: Hey, Dr.P. A gift from Nooj.
[得到Paine's sphere]
Gippal: It's from two years ago. Said it was inside the sphere camera.
Paine: I'll watch it later.
Yuna: Hey. You should watch it now. Think about it. You know you won't be able to fight your best as long as it's on your mind.
Paine: You're right.
Gippal: Whaddaya got in mind for fun? Any ideas, Dr. P?
Paine: Me? A ship that glides through the air. That thing you mentioned before. If it's for real, I wanna fly it.
Baralai: You get to be pilot, then. And maybe I'll try my hand at navigation.
Gippal: Then I'll be engineer!
Baralai: Nooj?
Paine: Captain.
Baralai: Ah, that's perfect.
Nooj: You'd let an amateur be captain?
Gippal: Chill out, Noojster. All you gotta do is shut up and look important and you'll fit the part.
Paine: Like a glove.
Nooj: I'll work you like dogs.
Paine: What happened to that Paine, I wonder.
Yuna: She's inside you, sleeping.
Rikku: Well, wakey, wakey! Time to set sail!
Yuna: Your captain and your navigator are waiting!
Rikku: I got a hunch that once we go on ahead, there's no turning back.
Paine: A hunch?
Rikku: Yeah.
Yuna: That's it?
Paine: A hunch it is, then.
Yuna: It's moving!
Nooj: Both Baralai and Vegnagun belong to him now.
Yuna: Shuyin...
Nooj: I have a plan. Can't call it a smart one, though.
Paine: What's that?
Nooj: He acts through another's body. Stop the body and you stop him. I'll shoot Baralai.
Rikku: No!
Nooj: His body will be useless, but if we're lucky, he won't die.Shuyin will abandon Baralai. And then he'll come back for me.
Paine: What then?
Nooj: I will die. My body has already been rigged. I'm taking Shuyin with me.
Yuna: Nooj...
Paine: But...you're our captain.
Nooj: Exactly.
Yuna: I don't like your plan. It sucks.
Yuna: Your plan is awful. Think about it. It's no different than what we did two years ago. We destroyed our own allies. We destroyed the aeons who had fought together with us, at our sides. We didn't have a choice then. We believed that was the only way we could save Spira. Do you know what it felt like to watch them die? Right before my eyes? It was the only thing we could do. It was the only choice we had. I gave in, I accepted, I believed. I allowed it to be true. I thought I'd be able to go through with it without ever doubting myself. But I... It hurts so much
Fathy: Forgive us.
Yuna: Everyone was so happy. "Great job, Yuna. You did it. You saved us all." There were too many smiles to count. And I know that I was smiling, too. But now...when I look back... The people who should be here aren't. The ones who should be smiling with me aren't here.
Nooj: We had no choice.
Yuna: "We had no choice." Always "we had no choice." Those are our magic words. We repeat them to ourselves again and again. But you know... The magic never worked! The only thing we're left with is regret.
Nooj: Yuna...I'm sorry.
Yuna: No. I don't want this anymore.
Yuna: I don't want friends to die...or fade away. I don't want battles where we have to lose in order to win. Nooj, I know that what you say is what you mean to do. Give me your resolve. Believe in Yuna.
Nooj: Hmm. So you have a plan.
Paine: Light?
Yuna: That's Plan B. But before that... Hey, Rikku. No matter how monstrous it looks, Vegnagun is still just a machina. So we can take it apart, right?
Rikku: Uh, yeah...uh, maybe?
Gippal: You never used to be the think-before-you-act type. What gives?
Nooj: Leblanc!
Leblanc: And I never was the wait-like-a-good-girl type. Isn't that right, Noojie?
Gippal: Vegnagun can be destroyed. Abso-posi-you better believe it. Wanna know why?
Rikku: 'Cause people built it!
Yuna: Right! Everyone! It looks like we can stop that thing after all.
Ormi: Bwahahah! Now it's pissed!
Logos: Witless little widget, isn't it?
Nooj: What about Shuyin?
Yuna: Plan B!
Nooj: Oh?
Yuna: Love.
Gippal: Nuu puo. (Hoo boy.)
Nooj: The ultimate illusion.
Yuna: It'll work! I've come this far to bring Lenne's feelings to Shuyin. I'm not stopping now.
Leblanc: The power of love conquers all! So romantic! Count me in.
Paine: Look!
谜之声音1: It's just bluffing.
谜之声音2: This relic's getting rusty.
谜之声音3: Yuna, you have your friends.
Yuna: If we all attack at once, we can do this! We need to split up!
Leblanc: Leave the legs to us!
Gippal: We've got the torso!
Rikku: Guess that leaves the tail!
Yuna: Okay, let's go!
Nooj: See you later.
[向前走右边的岔路,来到Vegnagun的身后,Boss战,Vegnagun Tail,HP:34200,MP:9999,AP:5]
Paine: What's next?
Rikku: Yunie, they're in trouble!
Ormi: Boss! Let's get the heck outta here!
Leblanc: You want to get the heel?
Logos: You can "heel" us when we get home!
Yuna: Come on!
Leblanc: What are you doing here?
Leblanc: I'll let you have this one. I'm going to cheer Noojie on.
Yuna: Got it!
[Boss战,Vegnagun leg,HP:18220,MP:9999,AP:5;Node A B C,HP:300000,MP:9999,AP:10。绿色使用回复和属性魔法,黄色使用攻击魔法且魔法攻击无效,红色使用物理攻击且物理攻击无效]
Rikku: Look!
Paine: I'm going.
Ormi: Please...
Logos: Help the boss...
Yuna: The Gullwings are on it!
Gippal: This thing just keeps on ticking.
Paine: We'll finish it.
Nooj: Do it.
[Boss战Vegnagun Core,HP:33040,MP:9999,AP:10;Bulwark(Left,Right),HP:3000,MP:9999,AP:10]
Paine: What now?
Rikku: Uh...
Rikku: Maybe we're finished?
Baralai: Finished indeed.
Nooj: Baralai!
Baralai: All of Spira is finished!
Rikku: He's got a Plan B, too!
谜之声音: He's panicking. Yuna. End it now.
Yuna: This is it, everybody! Stay focused!
Yuna: Shuyin.
Shuyin: Lenne?
Yuna: There's something I must tell you. Words left unspoken for a thousand years.
Yuna: I love you. And I'm grateful...grateful that you stayed with me until the end.
Shuyin: But, I couldn't save you!
Yuna: It doesn't matter. Please don't go on grieving alone.Rest.
Shuyin: We can finally fade...together?
Shuyin: No.
Yuna: Wait!
Shuyin: You are not Lenne!
[最后一个Boss,Shuyin,HP:23850,MP:210,AP:?? ]
Shuyin: Don't try to tell me you understand.
Shuyin: Lenne?
Shuyin: Lenne.
Lenne: Hi there.
Shuyin: A thousand years, and this moment is all we get?
Lenne: This moment's enough. I don't need anything else. Just knowing how you feel is enough. Shuyin, let's end this. Let's go home.
Shuyin: Can we?
Lenne: That was all a thousand years ago. We've come too far to look back now. Rest, Shuyin. Rest with me.
Lenne: Let's go. I have a new song for you.
Lenne: Thank you.
〈Chapter 5结束〉
Fayth: You hear that, right
Fayth: You want see him?
Yuna: Him?
Fayth: I can't promise anything, but we will do what we can.
Nooj: Once my friends and I dreamed of flying. We would sail a ship, with me as its captain. In time, I became that captain. I found a new ship with new friends. My ship was the Youth League.
Baralai: Others chose a different captain. Their boat was New Yevon.
Gippal: You know, I realize I'm like a lot of you people. We want a captain. And we want a ship to ride, but more important than that... Really, we all want to ride together.
Baralai: There are some things you can't do alone. But they become easy with friends beside you.
Nooj: This was the lesson that we learned when we launched those ships.
Baralai: It was power... And we misused that power. We turned our friends and followers against each other.
Nooj: Forgive us.
Baralai: Somehow we forgot. There's a much larger ship out there. One we've been riding ever since we were born. That ship is Spira.
Nooj: No one knows just where our voyage will lead us. But we do know one thing: One way or another, we will get by. We'll go on living. The Calm will continue.
Gippal: Just one more thing: We all owe thanks to a very special lady.
Gippal: Yeah, you all know who I'm talking about. We really hoped that she could be here today.
Yuna: It's time for me to go home!
Gippal: She left a message. She said she's going home. So farewell, but not goodbye.
Brother: See you next time, kiddies! Yeehaw!
Rikku: Did we really have to leave like this? Just think of the party we're missing!
Paine: Hmph. I think we party enough, don't you?
Yuna: Brother, higher!
Brother: Roger!
Yuna: Brother, faster!
Brother: Rogerrr!
Yuna: I can't hear you!
Brother: Rogerrrrr!!
Yuna: (独白) So much has happened. And I'm sure it's only the beginning. Through the smiles and tears, through the anger... and the laughter that follows... I know that I'll keep changing. This is my story. It'll be a good one.
Yuna: (独白) It all began when I saw this sphere of you.
〈结局CG2,Besaid Island〉
Yuna: Are you real?
Tidus: I think so.
Yuna: You are home
Tidus: Yes! I am home
Yuna: Welcome home
Wakka: Hey you two,get a room
Tidus:Who ask you to warry about Wakka!
Rikku: Hiya!
Tidus: You have changed.
Yuna: Something happened.
Tidus: I wanna hear
Yuna: Well, It all began when I saw this sphere of you.