2001-04-10 00:35 | chocobo

Its not that complicated as some weird dungeons and dragons stuff.

-Humans are the most prolific beings. If you, the gameplayer, are not
one, I suggest looking at humans until you are familar with their
shapes. ;)

-Chocobos are the horses of Final Fantasy. They are basically very
large chickens that move much faster than humans. In FF3j, white chocobo’s
are not very intelligent, but Fat Chocobo’s are. They have a second
stomach that stores your items without decay.

-Dwarves are a rather wild genetic turn. Their faces are a complete
shadow, with the exception of two white eyes that almost glow from their
face. Their bodies are actually just like humans, albeit a bit smaller,
which confuses things more. Every grown dwarf usually wears a horned
helmet and triangular beard (Even females in some cases!).

-Elves are fairly generic. They are usually a tad shorter than humans,
with green clothing and a feathered cap a la Robin Hood.

-Faeries are exactly what you expect. Tiny little ladies with
butterfly wings that zoom about.