My Happiest Experience(为大学英语习题…

2001-12-01 22:11 | mary_c_z

My Happiest Experience
On the morning of May 6th 2001, I woke up and decided that it would be the worst day in my life, for my happy holidays were coming to an end.
I looked for my lucky socks, hoping that they would make me feel better, but I could not find them every where. After an hour, I had to give up, because mum and I were going out for breakfast. And we were planning to eat my favorite food.
I pulled on a pair of common socks and went out with mum. But, it was too late. My favorite pancakes had already sold out. But this was not the worst thing. I soon discovered that the only restaurant still served breakfast was the dirtiest one in the whole district and it was serving dumplings, which were absolutely the last thing in the world I would eat!
The awful breakfast nearly made me throw up. When I went back home, I was almost dragging my legs. “Alright then,” I said to myself, “there’s still some ice-cream in the fridge. I can eat it while playing PC Games.”
PC Games always made me feel good. I rushed upstairs and turned on my computer. But just as I was going to run the game, the telephone rang. “The phone!” I called; wishing mum would answer it. But mum said she was cooking. So, reluctantly, I picked up the phone and said in the most impatient voice: “Hello?”
“Hello Mary,” a voice said, “ this is aunt King, Gill’s mother.”
She needn’t have introduced herself! I recognized her voice the moment she started to talk! Nothing in the world could be worse than receiving a phone call from aunt King, the most talkative woman in the neighborhood! I knew she was going to rattle on for hours!
“My mum is in the kitchen.” I said, “She can’t speak to you now.”
“Oh,” said aunt King, “don’t bother her. Actually, I haven’t seen you for a long time, and I didn’t know you were back for the holidays until I saw you at the gate just now. How have you been doing with your study?”
“Fine.” I said, making my voice more impatient.
“When are you going back to school?” she asked.
“It’s a pity you can’t stay longer.” She said, “By the way, we are taking some photos in the garden, would you like to join us?”
“Er, I have to ask my mother.” I said, “Hold on.”
I went off to ask mum, hoping she would say: “No, you should stay at home and study.” But I shouldn’t have hoped that! I almost forgot that mum and aunt King had been friends from their girlhood! Mum happily permitted my going, and said she would go too!
I dragged my legs and went down stairs again. Aunt King and Gill were waiting for me, together with another girl I had never known before. They told me that she lived on the second floor of our building, and her name was Joe.
“Look at the flowers in the garden,” said aunt King, “how beautiful they are!”
“Um,” I said nothing. Actually what I was thinking was: “How awful they are.”
“I love the flowers,” said Gill, “Mary, Joe let’s go into the garden. We can stand behind the flowers.”
She pulled my hand and dragged me into the garden. Gill followed us. I never liked others forcing me to do things I disliked, but Gill was an exception. It was not because she was a special friend of mine, but because that she had been seriously ill when she was still a baby, and the illness had destroyed her brain (I didn’t mean she was crazy or something, she was just a bit slow.) After Gill had arranged everyone’s pose, aunt King said: “Perfect.” And she took the photo. Then she signaled us to change our poses.
“It’s enough!” I screamed silently, “She is using us to make Gill happy!” I just knew it, for I saw Joe looked as impatient as I was. Her eyes were not focusing. “I’m fed up with all this!” I thought.
At last, aunt King had used up all her films. “OK, it done.” She said and waved her camera. I sighed with relief. “At last! I can go back to play the game know!” I thought.
But hardly had I thanked aunt King out of politeness; she invited me to go her house! And again hardly had I declined her invitation politely; I found that Gill was hustling me. I turned to mum for help, but she smiled and said: “Just go and have fun. You two haven’t seen each other for a long time.”
Thus, I was pushed into aunt King house.
Gill suggested going on line which cheered me up a little. “After all, she is not too silly!” I thought. But soon I found that she knew nothing about computer or Internet. To make things worse, the line was too busy, and we could not connect to the server. Then I suggested playing PC games.
“It’s a good idea.” Said Gill, “How do you like it Joe?”
Joe shrugged her shoulders to show she did not mind.
“But what is a computer game?” asked Gill.
I was going to faint! Gill must be the only one I knew who didn’t know what a computer game is! I didn’t want to explain to her, for I was sure she wouldn’t understand. “OK, then.” I said in despair, “Let’s see what’s on your computer.”
I clicked the mouse and searched. This was the most useless computer I had ever seen! It had no games, no mp3 files, no rm movies, and all the others things a common computer should have. It was almost empty. The only thing I found was a picture of Gill’s family, which was, to me, as useless as all the other things.
But Joe’s eyes were fastened on it. And a very strange expression appeared on her face.
“You don’t have PhotoShop.” I said, “Otherwise we can edit this picture.”
“What is PhotoShop?” asked Gill.
I wasn’t patient enough to answer this silly question. Luckily Joe said: “It’s something you use to paint the photo. But if you don’t have it, we can still use the paint tool.”
“I seems that you are an expert.” Said Gill, “Paint it then!”
Joe hesitated for while and took the mouse from my hand. She opened the paint tool ant started to ruin that picture. She first painted Gill’s eyes blue and made them into two stars. Then she drew a red circle on Gill’s nose making her look like a monster. “I would never allow anyone destroy my face.” I thought, “If some day Joe comes to my house, I won’t let her see any of my pictures!”
Joe went on ruin Gill’s face, giving her red curly hair and other strange, say, organs. “Now I look like the guy outside McDonald’s!” laughed Gill.
“Yes, you look perfect.” Joe smiled and said.
“Go on! Go on!” urged Gill.
“Only silly girls like her can stand that!” I thought.
Joe moved and clicked the mouse adding lots of things into the picture, including a poster with the word “McDonald’s” on it.
“Now it’s dad’s turn.” Said Gill, “What are you going to do with him?”
Joe hesitated and said: “Let’s not ruin your dad’s face. He would be angry.”
“No he wouldn’t.” Said Gill, “Make him funny!”
Joe thought for a while and added a pair of sunglasses.
“Now dad’s perfect! As cool as a movie star.” Cheered Gill, “I’ll ask mum and dad to see it.”
She ran out of the room briskly like a five-year-old girl. Actually I thought her mind was just as simple as a five-year-old’s. I was ashamed of being introduced as her friend from girlhood. “Joe is just making fun of her.” I thought, “but she looks so happy like an idiot! Joe might think I am as silly as she is! How can I bear that! I am the most beautiful and clever girl in the neighborhood! This is really my worst day in life!”
Soon Gill returned with her parents.
“Look!” she pointed to the screen, “This is Joe’s work. Don’t you think it’s great?”
“Yes dear.” Said her father, “Joe you are really talented1”
“This picture is perfect.” Said aunt King, “We shall print it and stick it on the door of Gill’s room.”
Joe blushed and said: “I’m sorry of doing that. I didn’t mean to ruin the picture.”
“No it’s really good!” said aunt King, “ Gill, turn on the printer. Let’s have it printed!”
Happily Gill turned on the printer. Fearing that she might make a mass of the expensive machine, I helped her printing the picture. Then, aunt King had us sticking the picture on the door. “The whole family is crazy!” I thought.
I was almost counting the minutes. I hoped that I could get back home for lunch. I knew mum was making some delicious soup. And the more important thing was, I couldn’t bear staying with a crazy family!
But, as it was my worst day in life. Aunt King made me stay for lunch. She even called my mum and asked for permission before asking for my opinion!
As I had already known, the lunch was awful. Aunt King was a bad cook. She knew neither how to make food delicious, nor where to buy delicious food! The vegetable was sweet and the fish was bitter. The only thing that was nice was the ice-cream mum took downstairs during the lunch. “Oh, my poor ice-cream! How can you become the food of a group of mad guys?” in a word, the lunch was dreadful. I was fed up with nasty food and meaningless gossip, such as “Joe is really a talented painter” or “Mary you should see other pictures of Joe’s”, or “You three should be good friends” and all the other things of the same kind. I had never in my life felt more impatient. I looked like an idiot myself. I knew Joe felt the same, for she is frowning all the time, and only gave a flash of smile when Gill was laughing to tears!
At 1:00 pm, feeling stupid and tired, I got rid of aunt King and Gill by lying that I should pack my cases. And aunt King invited me to a party she was planning to hold in the summer holidays. Well, to hell with her!
I fled out of Gill’s house. “It’s really a nightmare!” I said to myself, “I shall never come to her house again!”
To compensate my loss, I decided to spend the whole afternoon playing the game. However, Gill had made me as silly as she was. I was killed 18 times by the boss, and lost a lot of money! My dream of finishing the game before going back to school was destroyed!
Finally that day came an end. I lay in bed wide-awake thinking about the unlucky things, when mum came in.
“Why don’t you sleep?” she asked.
“I was trying to find out whether I had done anything wrong.” I said.
“Why?” asked mum, “You sound as if someone had robbed you.”
“This is really the worst day in my life!” I cried. Then I told her about Gill and all the silly things she did or she had forced me to do. “Aunt King is crazy! She destroyed my day! Also, she destroyed Joe’s day, though I don’t know Joe very well.”
“I don’t think so.” Mum said, “Aunt King called just now to say thank you. Do you know why?”
“No.” I said.
“She said she was moved when she saw Joe smiling. Joe hadn’t smiled since her father passed away two months ago.”
Mum’s words made me feel more sleepless. I recalled every detail in Gill’s house. And I suddenly had a strange feeling. They were doing all this to make Joe happy! The real idiot was me! Comparing with Joe, what did I know about misery? How could I decide this day my worst day in life? If I could make Joe happy, shouldn’t this day be my happiest day in life?
I fumbled for my little bear, but found my lucky socks. I smiled, for the first time in the day. Now I had decided it my happiest experience.