On Ambition(英语作文15分范例)

2001-12-01 03:44 | mary_c_z

On Ambition
A famous writer once said: “Being ambitious is like digging a hole under your feet. The deeper you go, the closer you are to the hell.”
Lots of people including this writer believe that ambitious people will ruin the world. And they say that ambition is the most dangerous thing in the world. (It leads you to the hell!) I’ve got 110 in a recent psychology test, which means I am very ambitious. According to that writer, I am much closer to the hell than those who got 60. So I should be feeling terrible: hot, cold, frightened, and regretted (for the damage I did to the world). But am I? No, I’m feeling good. So I want to say that I totally disagree withthem1
If a world without ambitious people will become as peaceful as heaven, then I dare say that this heaven is under developed.
Just look at those events that changed the history. How many of them were based on people’s ambitions? If Yu hadn’t had the ambition to fight against the floods, the area of Zhongyuan would have been “Water Land”. If Huo Qubing hadn’t had the ambition to defend the country, China would have been invaded by Huns. If Columbus hadn’t had the ambition to find a new way to come to China, there would be no America. If Alexander Benjamin hadn’t had the ambition to for fever, there would be no penicillin. It was ambition that led these people to success. It was ambition that changed the world.
Even today, the society is still calling for ambition. Newspapers are flooded with the stories about how some laid-off worker tried his/her best to make a living and is now boss of a company. It’s ambition that stimulates hin/her to work hard. If he/she were not ambitious, he/she would probably sit back and live on allowance. Recently, the government awarded several scientists and inventors. They have either made great discoveries or great inventions. They are no doubt ambitious people willing to dedicate their lives to their work. If they were not, they probably wouldn’t have overcome so many difficulties. Thanks to their ambition, our country is developing faster and faster.
A world without ambitious people will also be boring. If James Carmelone hadn’t had the ambition to make a hit, there would be no Titanic. If Jinyong hadn’t had the ambition to write a great book, there would be no Linghu Chong. If Chen Zhong hadn’t had the ambition to defeat her rival, she wouldn’t have won the gold medal. And what ‘s more, if there were no ambitious people, there would be no fodder for plays and meloplays. Life will become totally blank.
Though various kinds of ambitions have made this world colorful, I’m not encouraging you to become the second Cheng Kejie. What I mean by ambition is not “strong desire for success, power, riches, etc.” (Longman Active Study Dictionary), but common dreams. It can be either big (finding a cure for AIDS) or small (developing a new way of baking bread); either realistic (writing a book better than Gone With The Wind) or unrealistic (going back to the past to marry Cleopatra). But one thing is always certain: this dream should never do harm to others.
Being ambitious is like digging a hole under your feet. Dig hard, then you will find water in a desert; oil under the sea; gold beneath the rock, and happiness in your life.