To Be a Swordsman in a Warrior…

2001-11-16 00:11 | mary_c_z

Do you like reading warrior novels? Do you admire Linghu Chong, Guo Jing and Yang Guo? Do you want to have a life as splendid as theirs? If your answers are all “yes”, then you must read this passage. It will tell you all the important things a swordsman should know.
Now, let’s start from the very beginning. To be a swordsman, what should your family be like? Let’s just take a look at the swordsmen in Jinyong’s novels. Hu Fei’s parents were killed; Di Yun and Linghu Chong were orphans; Wei Xiaobao didn’t who his father was; Xu Zhu and Xiao Feng didn’t know who their parents were, and as soon as they found out, tragedy came… With all these unlucky little boys, Jinyong could set up an orphanage! So we can conclude that, a swordsman usually has at most one parent──the mother. The father was usually killed by a bad guy, or disappeared many years ago. And more often, both parents are dead, and the young swordsman has to be on his own. Do you have such an unlucky family? If yes, go on.
Look around. See what are your growing-up-conditions like. Do you live on the top of a mountain? Do you live in a deep valley? Do you live on an isolated island? Do you live in the desert? Do you live in a tomb? Do you live near the volcanoes? Do you live near the icebergs? If your answer is yes, then, congratulations! Because almost every swordsman grows up in a strange place. However, if your answer is no, don’t worry. I can tell you one way to compensate. Find a cliff and jump from it. Don’t be afraid! I am sure that you won’t die. Because according to the warrior novels, everyone jump from a cliff will have an adventure. You may find cases of jades and pearls worth of the whole world. Or you may find shelves of useful books, which tell you how to treat rare diseases. Or, more luckily, you may find the remains of a famous swordsman. In his will, he asked you to bury him. Do as he wished, then probably you will be rewarded. No matter what happens in the valley, as soon as you get out of it, you will become one of the best swordsmen in the world.
Those who are not lucky enough to fall down a cliff should learn Kongfu. As the saying “ A famous teacher has good students” points, everyone who wants to be good at Kongfu, should have a famous teacher. How to get a famous teacher? Go out to search for one? No, you should never do that. According to the warrior novels, a good teacher will come to you. All you need to do is wait. However when a famous teacher comes, you should have the ability to recognize him. This is what a famous teacher should be like: He is usually an old man. He may look very much like a god or very much like a beggar. He may walk as if he were flying; or he may sit in the street asking people to give him some food. He may look very serious, and thus never smiles; or he may look very relaxed, and thus talks like a comedian. In a word, he must be the strangest person you have ever seen. So, whenever you walk in the street or sit in the yard, you must pay attention to people around.
Now that you have a good teacher, and have learnt everything from him, it’s time for you to see the world outside. Your teacher will tell you who your enemy is, and probably, he’ll give you a very good sword. He will say to you: “ Boy, the world is full of dangers, take care of yourself.” Then, he will see you off. Very often, you will never meet him again. So, take a close look at him now, and remember him.
As soon as you leave your teacher, you will step into a world called “rivers and lakes”, where there are various kinds of people. You probably have never learnt about these people from your teacher, so I am going to tell you about them.
People you meet in the world can fall into 5 types.
The first type: young girls in white. A young girl in white is usually beautiful, but strange. She doesn’t smile very much and always keeps a straight face. However, if you do something that is against her will, she will at once point her sword at you. Be careful, most time you will be defeated. You and the young girl in white will go on the adventure together, and no wonder you two will fall in love with each other. But happy things never last long. Soon you will discover that she is the daughter or student of you enemy. Love and hatred, what a big problem! How to solve it? It depends on you yourself.
The second type: young men in white. A young man in white is usually handsome. His military arts excel all. And what is more, he is good at literature. All his words are like poems. He won’t fight with you, but he will steal the heart of the young girl in white. Take care!
The third type: beautiful middle-aged women. A beautiful middle-aged woman usually comes onto the stage in the middle of the novel when everyone else is busy fighting. The woman is so beautiful that everyone forgets to fight. This woman is very clever though she tries to hide her brightness. You should keep tabs on her track, for she may know a secret big enough to turn the whole world up side down.
The fourth type: huge guys with beard. A huge guy with beard looks very strong. And he really is. He is a typical hero of the greenwood, who uses a short-hilled broadsword, and is used to solving problems with his fists. When you meet with such a guy, you don’t need to fight. Just use your brain and play a little trick on him. Then, he will become your friend. And this friend will never betray you.
The fifth type: the bosses. A boss is a guy that should be killed by you at the end of the novel. He is evil and ambitious. Before your final fight, you may have met him several times. And each time, you were defeated. But all these failures have made you a great swordsman. So, this time, no matter how strong he is, you are sure to win. Just give him a ground sweeping, and lay him down. After telling everyone present about all his evil deeds, you are ready to do justice. Just at this time, the girl in white will beg you to forgive her father or teacher. She cries and goes down on her knees telling you how she loves the boss. You are moved by the tears, and don’t know what to do. I suggest you leave the guilty man to an old monk present. The monk will take him to Shaolin Temple, and turn him into a whole new man.
After meeting all these five kinds of people, your story will come to an end. No matter how hard others try to make you chairman of the greenwood, you should tell them that you are just tired of the killing and want to live a peaceful life with your lover. Then, you and the girl in white will set off for a far away place. If people never find this place, your adventures will become a legend. If someone finds you, then twenty years later, there will be another story about another young man.