FFX-2美版主线剧情台词 Chapter 4~

2003-12-28 10:54 | Weisheit

〈Chapter 4开始〉
Brother: Fryd y nameav! E druikrd fa ryt mucd oui. (What a relief! I thought we had lost you.)
Buddy: He's been blubbering about how he couldn't go on living if something were to happen to you.
Rikku: We hadn't heard anything in so long! We tried tossing a CommSphere into the hole, but it didn't help one bit.
Shinra: Hey, it's still in beta.
Paine: So, what happened?
Yuna: Well...
Buddy: Lenne, huh?
Shinra: Yeah, the girl from the Songstress dressphere.
Yuna: That's Lenne?
Shinra: Sure. She wore that dress one thousand years ago.
Rikku: Why didn't you tell us?
Shinra: No one asked. Besides, all I knew was her name. What's to tell?
Yuna: (独白) What Shinra said surprised me, but only a little. So there really was a connection.
Rikku: Okay, okay. So, the reason Shuyin keeps calling Yuna "Lenne" is-
Paine: Because of that dressphere?
Shinra: I can't really say for sure.
Brother: Forget Lenne! Shuyin's the one who's wanting to vaporize Spira!
Buddy: Yeah, but what can we do? Nooj and Gippal are already planning something. Let then deal with it for now.
Rikku: Yunie, Yunie!
Yuna: Yeah?
Rikku: You met Shuyin, right? Was he anything like you-know-who?
Yuna: Not really. Just his face.
〈Deck 遇到Paine〉
Yuna: They gave me these.
Paine: They say anything?
Yuna: No.
Paine: I see.
Paine: They're old friends. The three of them were candidates for the Crimson Squad. And I was the recorder assigned to their team. Yevon created the Squad and started training members two years ago. It was supposed to be an elite fighting force. The best were to be assigned leadership of Crusader chapters across Spira...
Yuna: But?
Paine: The Squad was destroyed before that happened. Most of the candidates died. An accident. The four of us were separated then. Things happened. I don't get it. I was there. I saw everything. But still. I don't know why it happened that way. Even now. So I went to look...for some answers.
Yuna: You became a sphere hunter.
Paine: I always did want to fly on this thing anyway.
Rikku: Whatcha talking about?
Rikku: Or is it another one of those secrets? That's all right. I didn't wanna know anyway.
Paine: Too bad. And I was just about to tell you.
Rikku: Really?
Paine: Too late now.
Rikku: Oui pimmo! (You bully!)
Paine: We used to laugh like this once. The four of us. I've been chasing my past for so long... Sometimes getting it back is all I can think about. Other times, I just want to forget. (to Yuna) What about you? Shuyin isn't who you thought, is he?
Yuna: No.
Paine: Maybe we should both let go of our past and focus more on what's to come.
Rikku: You're not leaving the Gullwings?
Paine: Always a possibility.
Yuna: (独白) So many things seem intertwined. But nothing leads to you. Why be a sphere hunter if what I'm hunting for can never be found?
Rikku: You're not leaving us, are you?
Paine: I may not look it, but I am having a good time.
Rikku: Right! Right?
Buddy: What about Yuna? Think she'll quit?
Brother: Uv luinca hud! (Of course not!)
Paine: Yht fru ycgat oui, yenrayt? (And who asked you, airhead?)
Brother: Yuna!
Shinra: I hate to interrupt, but Spira's falling apart with its leaders missing. Check the CommSpheres and see.
Shinra: Wanna check the CommSpheres?
〈Besaid Island〉
Wakka: Hey, Yuna. How you been, huh?
Yuna: Well, not too bad. How are things in Besaid, Wakka?
Wakka: It's okay. It's been pretty quiet, ya? No more fiends in the temple.
Yuna: Really?
Wakka: That's what Beclem says, and he patrols the place every day.
Yuna: He's a dedicated man.
Wakka: Yeah, but he's gonna be leaving the island pretty soon. Youth League's having some trouble or something, so they called him back to headquarters. On top of that, word around here is the New Yevon praetor's gone missing. Not sure what it all means, but things don't look good, ya?
Yuna: yeah, it's a bit crazy all over.
Wakka: Listen. I dunno about the rest of Spira, but Besaid's in good shape. I got this place covered. It's that, or Lu'll let me have it. You know what I'm sayin'?
Yuna: Thanks, Wakka.
〈Kilika Island〉
Dona: Well, that's Kilika Port for you. From the moment Nooj disappeared, everyone's been running around in circles. Just look at them. No one knows what to do without someone barking orders at them. They've already started looking for a new leader. In fact, they even asked me. Figured a former summoner would make a perfect leader for the town.
Yuna: Why don't you?
Dona: Too busy looking after myself, dear. Of course I'll do what I can to keep things from getting too far out of hand, but... Until Nooj gets back, things are not going to be the same.
〈Mushroom Rock Road〉
Yaibal: Lady Yuna!
Yuna: More fiends?
Yaibal: Actually, we've received some unconfirmed reports of trouble brewing in Bevelle. It seems a unit of New Yevon's troops have been gearing up for a raid. With Nooj gone, they're hoping to strike quickly and catch us off guard. But don't worry about us! We won't be so easily trapped! We're planning to launch a preemptive strike before they can attack. As soon as our preparations are complete, we move on Bevelle!
Yuna: But you're not even sure they're planning an attack, are you?
Yaibal: In war, victory favors the bold! I must be off! Farewell!
Yuna: What are you doing?
Maroda: Well, for one, I'm running reconnaissance on New Yevon. The praetor's gone, fiends are on the loose-New Yevon is upside down. Fortunately, security is lax, so even Youth League members like me can walk around in the open.
Guard: You there! What are you doing!
Maroda: Took them long enough. So long!
〈Bridge 和Buddy说话〉
Buddy: Looks like Nooj and Baralai still haven't come back. And now Gippal's vanished, too. Spira's three leading big shots have all gone AWOL. If I was one of their followers, I'd be pretty worried-and scared.
Shinra: Tension between the two groups is getting volatile. It won't be long before things get very ugly.
Paine: And Vegnagun's on the loose. You can bet Shuyin's controlling that thing.
Rikku: I wonder if Gippal and the others are trying to destroy it...
Paine: Maybe.
Rikku: Ooh, nothing makes sense anymore. I mean just what the heck are we supposed to do!
Yuna: Nooj spoke to me on the Farplane. He told me to take care of things topside. As if it were the simplest thing to do, really. And everything was going so well. (独白) At least, that's what I thought. I changed my mind. I want to do something. Nooj asked me to help and that's what I'll do.
Brother: Oac, drec ec dra Yuna dryd E ghuf. (Yes, this is the Yuna that I know.) Alrighty! Let's smash that action figure! We'll risk our lives and protect Spira from Vegnagun!
Yuna: No, I think...there has to be something we can do besides fighting.
Paine: Like what?
Yuna: With its leaders gone, Spira's falling apart. Maybe we can bring people back together.
Rikku: Yeah! Yeah! Great idea there, Yunie! So like, what are we gonna do? Huh?
Paine: Sing campfire songs?
Brother: Ooooh! That is it! All of Spira will be the captive of Yuna's singing and dancing!
Rikku: Great idea!
Shinra: I can handle the techie stuff.
Yuna: H-Hang on!
Rikku: I know! I know! I bet Tobli would help!
Buddy: Where is he now?
Paine: The Moonflow.
Buddy: Gullwings...
Brother: Move out!
Yuna: (独白) I began this journey hoping to find you. But I know now that may never happen. Still, I will keep walking these roads. I have to find where they connect. I have to see for myself.
Yuna: Huh?
Buddy: Yikes, sorry! Must've dropped you off at the wrong place. As long as you're there, why not take a little stroll?
Al bhed族 1: Hey, you! You haven't seen Tobli anywhere around here, have you?
Al bhed族 2: We have word that he's somewhere nearby.
Al bhed族 1: Huh? Aha! There you are!
Al bhed族 1: Where'd he go?
Al bhed族 1: Ah! That obnoxious midget! Found him!
Al bhed族 1: Where'd that little ball of pudge learn to run like that? I'm beat.
Al bhed族 2: We can't keep up...
Al bhed族 1: Come back here, you beak-faced fraud!
Al bhed族 1: Has Tobli passed this way, sir?
Al bhed族 3: Eh, nope, can't say I've seen him. He must still be on the south bank.
Al bhed族 4: Go take anudder good look.
Al bhed族 1: Yes, sir.
Paine: He says Tobli crossed the Moonflow.
Hypello: Ride the shoopuf?
[Let me on!]
Al bhed族 1: He has to be here somewhere.
Al bhed族 2: You don't suppose he climbed into one a dem trees, do ya?
Al bhed族 1: You! I'm gonna! You're gonna... KILL!
Tobli: Hi, hi, what can I do for you? What brings you here?
Rikku: Well...
Tobli: Spectacularly spectacular! 'Twill be a yummy Yunapalooza indeed! 'Twill go down in history! I most definitely, definitely want to arrange it! Can I, can I?
Rikku: Yup-yup!
Tobli: I minor detail. Where oh where should it be?
Yuna: Well, the more people we can gather together, the better.
Tobli: Aha! Then how about the Thunder Plains? Yes! You could practically pack a plethora of people in that place.
Paine: Now, how do we get people to come?
Tobli: Simple, simple! Leave it to me! My power PR team will push it pronto! Oh, boys!
Hypello: Advertising ish our shpeshalty. We'll get you your shpectatators.
Paine: Are you sure about this?
Buddy: Brother's orders. Bring every last Hypello back with you.
Hypello: Leave it to ush.
Yuna: Will they be all right?
Hypello: Be back in a jiffy, shishter.
Rikku: They've got guts.
Buddy: All right, next stop!
Yuna: What are you up to?
Shinra: A project. I'm engineering a giant sphere screen for the stage. That way, even people way in the back will be able to see you.
Yuna: Your invention?
Shinra: Not to mention we're still picking up lots of waves through the CommSpheres.
Yuna: Nice work.
Buddy: All the Hypello have been deployed.
Brother: Achtung, baby! To the concert grounds!
Barkeep: Rehearshal shtarting.
Rikku: Hey, Yunie, hurry up and change!
Yuna: It's almost time. Do you think people will show up?
Rikku: You betcha! The Thunder Plains'll be packed! But what're you gonna sing?
Yuna: Umm...
Rikku: Wow, did you write that?
Yuna: It's more like I felt it. I can hear it echoing inside me.
Rikku: Lenne?
Yuna: I think so. I don't know much about her, but I'm learning more and more. Bits and pieces of her memories keep pouring in. It's like...it's like I can feel what she was feeling!
Rikku: Thus shall Lenne's scattered thoughts be woven into bittersweet song... Something like that?
Yuna: Hey, that was poetic.
Paine: We'll be arriving soon. After Buddy drops us off, he and the others will go pick up the spectators.
Yuna: So we won't be able to board for a while.
Paine: You got it.
Buddy: We're over the Thunder Plains. You ready to land?
[Let's land.]
〈Thunder Plains〉
Hypello: Hello, Gullwings. Good to shee yoo. Are yoo ready to shing your shong?
Yuna: Yeah, more or less. You ready?
Hypello: We've got a shticky shituation. Shum fiends have shown up to shnack on the shpectatators.
Paine: Pre-concert hurtfest time.
Buddy: We're landing! If we cram any more people on board, this thing is gonna fall out of the sky.
Brother: Hey, we brought in people from New Yevon and the Youth League. They're all outside, on the concert grounds.
Rikku: Hey, uh, the crowd is acting kinda funny.
Shinra: Let me pull the video up.
Rikku: Uh-oh. This could get messy.
Buddy: No kidding. The two groups have been bumping heads since they got on the airship. Yeah... Looks like they're itchin' to start somethin'
Shinra: I'll pick up the audio.
Youth League : The Yevonites are here, too? How am I supposed to enjoy the concert with them stinking up the air?
New Yevon: Hey! You Youth League dogs will never be worthy of hearin' the high summoner sing!
New Yevon 2: If the praetor were here, he'd never let these maggots walk around, spouting their nonsense.
Youth League 2: What I wanna know is, where'd Nooj go? It's his fault that Spira's falling apart! What kind of leader abandons his people when they need him most?
Yuna: Don't they ever stop?
Rikku: Seriously.
Paine: Well, Yuna? You're the one who wanted to do something.
Yuna: Yeah, but... Right.
Paine: Hm. So let's do something.
Yuna: Right, let's do it!
Tobli: Oh, catastrophic catastrophe! Dear me, dear me! What oh whatever should I do? The spectators are making a spectacle! I don't even want to speculate... Please! Do something, Yuna!
Yuna: Leave it to us!
Tobli: Yuna, we're counting on you!
[On with the show!]
Yuna: Y!
Rikku: R!
Paine: P!
Yuna: Ready?
Gullwings: Let's do it!
Yuna: One thousand years ago, before the time of Sin... Spira was torn in two, divided by a terrible war. This was Spira's great mistake. Out of the rift left by this terrible conflict, Sin was born. In only two short years, Spira has shaken off its unhappy past. We have moved on. Now, Spira grows brighter with each passing day. That light is our strength. I don't want to see it fade. Do you? There are so many of us, each with different ideas and different beliefs. Of course we sometimes disagree, and arguments will happen. But our hearts can and should always be one. (with another voice speaking at the same time) Believe with me: Even if we're torn apart, our feelings will unite us. That's what this song is about.
〈CG 1000Words〉
〈CG结束 飞空艇Cabin〉
Paine: Yuna...
Yuna: I'm all right... I'm fine, really. It's passed now.
Paine: What did Shinra say?
Rikku: Umm, he said it might be some kind of, uh, interference with the sphere waves. Yunie's dressphere and the sphere screen reacted with each other and, uh... The consciousness burned into the dressphere was projected onto the screen! Or something like that.
Paine: Okay, but that doesn't explain why it happened.
Rikku: When I asked, he said, "I'm only a kid."
Yuna: It's Lenne. I was singing her feelings. During the song, I could feel them welling up inside until they just...burst.
Paine: So the people we saw were Lenne...and Shuyin?
Paine: Everyone's waiting. Let's go.
Maechen: 'Twas a magnificent melody, Lady Yuna. The onlookers were all quite enchanted.
Yuna: If it brings Spira together-even a little-then I'm glad.
Maechen: Indeed, I believe it shall. As you sang, not a soul could help but realize the folly of their tiresome squabbling. Fist once raised in anger became welcoming hands offering solace to a tearful neighbor. I must admit that I, too, shed my share of tears the moment Lenne appeared.
Yuna: You know Lenne?
Maechen: Of course. Would you like to hear-
Yuna: Yes! Tell us!
Maechen: Where to begin? About a thousand years ago, Lenne was a popular songstress in Zanarkand. The talk of the town, you might say. In a more peaceful age, she might have lived out her years as a performer. But the times-and her talents-did not allow such a thing to be. You see, Lenne's gift for singing was matched by her genius in the summoner's arts. When then Machina War began, all summoners were sent to the front lines. Zanarkand was hopelessly outnumbered, and Lenne knew she would not return home alive. Nonetheless, she was prepared to lay down her life to protect her people. Yet there was one person who refused to let Lenne die. Yes, he would do anything to save her. He was...a young man, Lenne's lover.
Rikku: Shuyin?
Maechen: I...don't know. His name has been lost to history. Whatever his name, the youth endeavored to steal the enemy's machina weapon and save Lenne. However...
Yuna: It didn't go well.
Maechen: The lovers met a truly tragic end. Those images we all witnessed are most certainly a record of their last moments.
Paine: So Shuyin was Lenne's lover.
Rikku: And so that means the weapon that he tried to steal to save her must have been, umm...
Yuna: Vegnagun, right?
Rikku: I think I can kinda understand how he felt...trying so hard to save someone. Two years ago, I was the same. Trying to find some way...some way to save you.
Yuna: That was enough. Knowing that you were on my side... I'll always be grateful to you.
Paine: Maybe Lenne felt the same way. The man she loved, he struggled to save her. He fought till his very last breath for her. I think that Lenne's final words might have been happy ones: "I love you."
Yuna: Yes, there is a connection. But wait...
Yuna: Everything is all wrong. He never heard. The one person she wanted to tell... He never heard her words.
Buddy: Whaddaya know, it's Leblanc's gang. They wanna see Yuna. I'll have them wait in the engine room.
〈Engine Room〉
Leblanc: I've been hunting around since we last met, and I happened to find a rather peculiar sphere. It shows my Noojie-Woojie! For some reason that chump Baralai is there, too. But it's from some years ago. I'm afraid it's not much help now, loves.
Leblanc: How about you? Have you tracked down my Noojie yet?
Yuna: Nooj is on the Farplane. I saw him there with Gippal.
Leblanc: The Farplane? What is he doing in a place like that?
Yuna: I think he's searching for Baralai and Vegnagun.
Leblanc: Oh, so Baralai is the one pulling Vegnagun's strings! I should have known!
Yuna: No, that's not it. How do I explain...
Leblanc: Never mind, I don't have time for this. Boys, we're going to the Farplane!
Ormi: Anything but that, boss!
Logos: We're no match for that sort of opponent!
Leblanc: Now don't be silly. The power of love conquers all! It's decided. We're going to save Spira!
Yuna: Yes, ma'am!
Leblanc: Well then, get this tanker moving!
Shinra: What have we here? Looks like a transmission, but it's pretty weak.
Yuna: What is?
Shinra: Hm, I'm getting signals from the CommSphere we dropped in that hole, but I can't seem to connect.
Leblanc: Enough, little boy. Move aside!
Leblanc: See? It connected.
Shinra: Inconceivable!
Gippal: Impressive machina! An invention like this could change the world. Whoever came up with this is a genius.
Shinra: He's got good taste.
Gippal: Guess I'm a genius, too, for fixing it! Anybody home?
Yuna: Gippal!
Shinra: I don't think he can hear us.
Gippal: No response. Hm.
Nooj: Some genius.
Leblanc: Noojie!
Nooj: If you're done playing, let's go.
Gippal: Chill out.
Nooj: Lost your nerve?
Gippal: Hey, we're talking about Vegnagun. How the heck do you fight that thing? We can't even walk up to it without freakin' it out.
Nooj: Or making it mad. But I've got a plan.
Gippal: If it doesn't work?
Nooj: Death will be my apology.
Gippal: Whatever, man. When a Deathseeker dies, that's no apology. What about Leblanc?
Nooj: Well, she-
eblanc: Why did it cut off like that! Just when he was getting to the juicy bits!
Shinra: It's not my fault.
Leblanc: What a piece of junk! Forget it. I'll go ask him myself.
Brother: What about the Gullwings?
Yuna: I think that we should help you Nooj. But first... I want to try talking to Shuyin. I have to tell him how Lenne felt. I'm sure he'll understand. How? We can't exactly make an appointment.
Paine: We'll just have to jump into one of those holes.
Rikku: Together, this time!
Brother: Roger. Gullwings! We move out! Celsius, full speed ahead!
〈Chapter 4 结束〉