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所有的文件都在以下的压缩包里(感谢 アイリス 帮忙!):



ffta2maincodelist.txt ~ 基本上,所有的 codes 都在这里头。由于针对的游戏版本为 US,而且本人也不太熟悉通常用的中文翻译词(除了"Vaan"是"梵"吧!),所以都是英文。看了内容便应该容易了解吧!

ffta2*********mod.txt ~ 这堆文件都是和相对的 codes 有关的代号数值。应该都是以 HEX 来呈献。以上。


有些在这帖子里才有的资料(压缩包没加)也移上来了,以供参考。顺带一提,Nu Mou Keeper 和 Magick Pot Luso = 天元突破!
Steps to convert 2nd character (will be starting Nu Mou, if it wasn't dismissed) into generic Nu Mou Keeper ; all values are actual NUMERIC values

NOTE: The Keeper job does not have the means of learning ANY abilities at all, thus, it is best to hack in and master all wanted abilities. The Keeper job is also unable to change to any other job (job change list will be blank), although it will still be able to select mastered abilities for use as the action 2 command.

Master MOST reaction and passive abilities
e6b3c6 153
NOTE: The 4 blanks are for the passive abilities of Smasher, Reveal, Pugilist, and Archmage, which seem the least useful. As learning over 30 passive abilities may cause glitches when accessing the passive ability list, this is the recommended setup.

Master all action abilities (Nu Mou)
e6b3c7 143.148.158.---.
e6b3cf 148.143.148.---.
e6b3ef 158.143.158.---.
e6b3ff ---.
e6b427 158.---.158.---.158.---.---.158
NOTE: The blanks are dummy action abilities (cannot be used) associated with the Keeper job. Learning all 11 of them will allow the Keeper job to show up as "MASTERED". However, as these abilities cannot be used, and will clog up the command list with 11 unuseable abilities, it is recommended to leave them blank. All other standard Nu Mou action abilities, including those useable under the Keeper job, can be mastered with the above codes.

f67f6d 33 ; job trying to change into code. First, try to job change while holding incompatible equipment (e.g. Beastmaster holding Glass Bell, change into Black Mage). Then, when warning message is given, use the code and go ahead with the job change.Entering 33 (or, 21 in HEX values) will change it into the Keeper job.

Got your generic Keeper? The portrait must stay generic, in case of conversation glitches. Try not to have more than one Keeper, since the game will then become extremely unchallenging. Some additional notes: the Keeper job has an innate elemental resistance of taking half damage from all elements, as well as fairly good Move, Jump, and Evade. The stat growth is something you'd want to see for yourself.

Using any Turning action abilities in battle has an unstated cost. Each use of a particular ability will reduce an associated useable item in your inventory by 1 per use. The good part is that even without these items, the abilities can be used as normal. The bad part is, for often-used moves, the associated item will usually be at 0. Watch out for your Elixers!

Gold Hourglass - Potion minus 1
Otherworldly Wind - Hi-Potion minus 1
Dark Elixer - X-Potion minus 1
Shadowflare - Ether minus 1
Soul Spring - Elixer minus 1
Light Curtain - Phoenix Down minus 1
Veil of Darkness - Echo Grass minus 1
Flash Bomb - Maiden's Kiss minus 1
Steps to convert 1st Character (Luso) into Magick Pot ; WARNING: May spoil your game experience! Read the Nu Mou Keeper section! Test thoroughly before saving!

Master MOST reaction and passive abilities:
e6b2aa 153

Master Punish (Magick Pot's . 999 damage . 100% . 6 square range . ability) ; the Pester and Reward abilities are not useful
e6b2ab 138

f67f6d 121 ; job trying to change into code. First, try to job change while holding incompatible equipment (e.g. Soldier holding Broadsword, change into Black Mage). Then, when warning message is given, use the code and go ahead with the job change.Entering 121 (or, 79 in HEX values) will change it into the Magick Pot job and race.

e6b22f 87 ; sets action ability 2 as "Gyakuten Item" aka "Mirror Item" from the Ranger job. Otherwise, by default, only the "Item" ability will be useable.

PROS: Range-6 instant kill ability, Up to range-7 teleport with Ninja Tabi, Absorbs all elements
CONS: NO "ATTACK" COMMAND, Need "Mirror-potions" from "Gyakuten Item" for Impervious enemies that ignore Punish


参阅了几个修改相关的帖子后 (多谢大功臣们!),做了些有趣的更改。
在通关后 (顺便提一下,对 Final Quest 的结局感到莫名的气愤。。。随便加个新图案也好呀!贼菜刀。。。),开始想做些较霸道的修改,便是串改个像 Brightmoon Tor 的 Keeper Asha 一般的人物!

这次进度并没想像中的顺利,虽然对 reaction 与 passive 能力都改到些有用的东西(Elusion, Impervious),也把 action ability 2 改成了 Turning,但 Turning 的菜单中便是什么指令也没有。

即使已将各种能力学成的地址修改后,唯有普通的职业得到了相关的指令,而 Turning 的菜单始终空空如也。。。

想请问各位行家,是否知道该修改什么地址才能达到想要的效果? 此时此刻,最大可能性的好像是人物种族的数值改成某种怪物的数值。。。

顺带一问,能否将尚未加入队伍中的特别人物进行修改? 虽然将所有职业在开始已开启,但 Adelle 的 Heritor 职业有 Lennart 与 Adelaide 必须通过场面来习得,觉得怪别扭的,所以有此意愿。。。