<Saving Yuna> 最终完结

2003-08-14 21:01 | damon

Scene 1
Al Bhed Home bug, time turns back.

Scene 2
Al Bhed Home,
Tidus:"I mean, if guardians do their job, the summoner will be safe, alright?"
Nobody answers, guardians walk down the steps slowly, one by one.

Scene 3
Then they meet other summoers who were kidnapped by al behds.
Rikku:"When Yunie calls the final Aeon, then... then... Yunie will die!" (Choke)
Tidus:"Gimme a break!" (thinking...)
Tidus:"How many times have we died so far? We all survived! We're still alive now. Hey you know what?"
Tidus:"We can save some phoenix down for Yuna! Then she won't die."
Auron:"But reviving her after the final summoning requires 100."
Tidus:"How do you know that?"
Auron:"The historian told me."
Tidus:"Hey, monkey-head! how many phoenix down do we have now?"
Wakka:"Do you not call me that anymore! Let me check it out."

Wakka summoning... Item summoning finished.

Wakka:"Well, only 6 left."
Auron:"But reviving her after the final summoning need 100."
Tidus:"What the hell, didn't we have 99 yesterday?"
Kimahri:"Somebody used a lot, Kimahri didn't use any."
Rikku:"......"(Face turned red.)
Auron (stared at Rikku)
Rikku:"Hey, don't look at me!"
Kimahri:"360, somebody is, HP."
Rikku:"If it wasn't me, how do you guys get the yevon-damned AP?"
Auron:"Alright, We can buy more."
everybody looks at Kimahri
Kimahri:"Kimahri tired, Rikku's duty."
Rikku:"Alright, alright, I'll take care of it."

Scene 4
On the airship, al behd home destroyed.
Rikku:"Hey Dad, can you take me to someplace where items are cheap?"
Cid:"Don't you talk about it, the dragon sent from Bevelle is coming."
Rikku:"Oh dad, this I promised. And I won't have the airship after I jump to the wedding."
Cid:"Mmm, only this time, never again."
Player (shouting to the TV):" What the f**k are you doing?"
Cid:"You cheated! Then we cheat! It's fair!" (Then speaking al behd bad words.)

Scene 5
Tidus:"hey, you ok? you looks bad."
Wakka (says to Cid):" what ya did, huh? I was taking a nap, what happend?"
Cid:"Well, Rikku wanted to buy some phoenix down."
Wakka:"Why didn't you go to Rin? He's right there."
Cid:"But she want them cheap. My old friend told me there's a good store in the Thunder Plain."
Tidus, Wakka, LuLu(staring at Brother):"......"
Brother(speaking al behd):"Hey don't look at me! My fault ok? I atone, I play blitzball for you for free, ok?"
Cid:"Concentrate on your driving!"

Scene 6
Tidus:"Yuna! We're coming!"
Seymour(hold Yuna's hand):"Go."
All landed
Warrior Monk:"Do you not move, or I'll shoot you."
Tidus:"Come on, shoot! If you wanna see my 255 Defence."
Warrior Monk:"......"
Tidus:"Seymour, don't you kiss her, not even touch her, or I'll cut your mouth."
Seymour:"Come on. I'm dead now, there's nothing I fear!"
Tidus:"So I'll kick your ass, Seymour! Take this, Jecht Shot Mark II!"
Tidus kicked on Seymour's ass hard and Seymour fell down the tower.
Seymour:"Come, Anima! Save me from falling down!"
Anima is dragged from underground. Anima roars. Seymour falls into Anima's mouth.
Tidus:"Haha, that's it bastard."
Auron:"Yuna let's go, back to the airship."
Mika:"No one is moving."
thousands of monks gathered.
Wakka:"seems it'll take some time to get out, huh?"
Yuna:"Don't worry."
Yuna sommons Magus Sister.
Yuna:"We need all your help!"
Sisters:"......"(thinking)"Where the hell are we?"
LuLu:"Let's board."

Scene 7
On the airship
Cid:"Where to? The game is in a mess, you totally break it's turn!"
Tidus:"Since we skipped Highbridge... well, it's ok. Let's go to campsite."
Yuna (speak to Tidus in a low voice):"You want to do that again?"
Tidus:"Do what?"
Yuna:"Don't pretend to be a fool."
Tidus:"Well I didn't mean to. I won't do that again."
Tidus(shout):"Let's go to Calmland directly."
Kimahri:"Kimahri saw that day, Kimahri knows, Tidus skipping something."
Yuna (a little angry):"Why you want to skip that?"
Tidus:"ehh, I almost drown that night. I might have died. Kissing in the water is not a good idea. I drank so much... salty lake water!"
Yuna:"We can change place. What about on the road of light? That's also a nice place."
Tidus:"That sounds nice."
Cid:"Calm Land! We're there! Good morning!"
Tidus & Yuna Faint.

Scene 8
Calm Land Center
Wakka:"Yo, Seems everyone's ready ya?"
Rikku:"Ok let's go."
Auron:"Tidus, you're slow."
Tidus:"Wait, let me get my NoEncounter weapon."
Wakka:"Whatha mean? Aren't you going to ask for free Chocobo?"
Tidus:"No, I don't want to see the trainer again."
Rikku:"But why?"
Tidus:"If I see her, I'll have nightmares."
LuLu:"So what's that about?"
Tidus:"I'm not telling."
Yuna:"Look, there comes the Chocobo trainer."
Tidus:"Oh, no..."

LuLu casts sleep magic on Tidus.

Tidus:"Birds! Birds! Leave me alone! Damn it! ......How old are you? Still interested in this kid game? Just gimme the Sun Sigil for Yevon's sake!"

Wakka:"Wake him up. Are you gonna keep watching?"
Rikku wakes Tidus up.
Yuna:"Good day. Can we lend a Chocobo?"
Chocobo comes.

LuLu:"Didn't we forget something?"
LuLu:"You still haven't get enough Phoenix Down."
Wakka goes back to the bar beside save point.
Wakka:"I'm buying 94 phoenix down."
Merchant:"Sorry, you don't have enough money."
Wakka:"What? Did you hit your head or something? How much does each cost? We're Gillionare! Aren't we, Rikku?"
Rikku:"I'm afraid not. We have only 64 gil left."
Wakka:"Oh my Yevon!"
Auron:"I heard that. Everybody come, we'll have a meeting."

Scene 9
Auron:"So, where did our money go? Rikku, make a list"
Wakku:"It's all because of you, Rikku!"
Rikku:"Why it's me again? Do you really hate Al Bhed so much?"
Wakku:"It's just about you! You gave too much to those monsters. See what we got."

Wakka performing Item summoning.
Wakka opens the bag.

Wakka:"So many spheres. Power sphere 99, Magic sphere 99, Ability sphere 99......"
Wakka:"Yo, what're these huh? They look cool."
LuLu:"Those're Luck sphere and fortune sphere."
Wakka:"Yo, so we have 428 spheres in total."
Rikku:"But that's just a little. We were Gillionare!"
Tidus:"Yuna, you want to say something?
Yuna:"Eh... No."
Tidus:"You're hiding something. I can see that you're upset from the look of your face."
Tidus:"You're a bad liar. Come on, just say."
Yuna:"Everyone... eer, I have to say, I'm sorry. I'm really really sorry."
Auron:"What do you apology for?"
Yuna:"Sorry I spent so much money without telling you all."

Yuna summons Yojimbo. Music.

Yojimbo:"Yo!...Yo!... How much are you gonna pay me this time?"
Yojimbo:"What's wrong?"
Yuna takes out Nirvana and beats Yojimbo's butt again and again.
Yuna:"You money-eater! You spent me 500,000,000 gil, and I never see what Zanmato is!"
Everyone:"Yuna, stop! Anger management!"

Yuna sends Yojimbo back.
Yojimbo:"Just you wait."

Auron:"Now we understand you."
Tidus:"You're paying now, but you'll get more back."
LuLu:"Just be patient."
Rikku:"We'll make it through."
Tidus:"By the way, remember to Save&Load next time."
Auron:"No time to waste, I'll get this done tommorrow. Money for 94 phoenix down, it's not hard."
Wakka:"But we captured all the monsters in Calm Land."
Auron:"Who's going to do that? I'm selling weapons."
Tidus:"Let's see what useless weapons we have."
LuLu:"I'm tired. Time to sleep."

LuLu casts silence on others, casts sleep on herself.

Scene 10
Calm Land Center Store
Auron:"We are here to sell weapons."
Merchant:"So where are they?"

Auron performs weapon summoning
House collapsed

Merchant:"Damn you! Oh my house!"
Auron:"It's easy to build another one, just some canvas and wood."
Merchant:"You will pay for it! All weapons 1/8 price!"
Auron:"Alright, I've changed my mind. I'm buying."
Tidus:"Hey, not much time left."
Tiuds:"Look at this one, firestrike! with 2 blanks."
Merchant:"I pay you 205 gil."(thinking)"Why I have to take all these back? Damn the programmer."
Rikku:"Hey guys, we have 26804 gil now."
Wakka:"Ok, let's buy 94 phoenix down."
Merchant:"Ok, they're sent to your Item bag now."
Tidus:"Wakka, check how many we have now."
Wakka:"You think I'm an idiot who can't do math ya? 94 plus 6 is 100."
Auron:"We have to make sure."
Wakka:"All right."
Wakka:"...94,95,96,97,98,99......I must have missed one. Let me count again."
Wakka:"...97,98,99! Oops, there's one missing."
Merchant:"Sorry, I sent 93 earlier, and I just took money for 93."
Wakka:"So you're not doing business anymore ya?"
Merchant:"But...Your bag can only hold 99 of them. It's not my fault."
Wakka:"We can store it somewhere else."
Merchant:"No, you can only store it in that bag."
Tidus:"Why don't you just gimme one but not 'sending'? I can hold it in hand."
Merchant:"What age do you think it is? We are far beyond the Internet age, summoners' high technology make deals so convenient. Weren't you paying by check just now? Then gils are sent to my account. So we all have to obey the rules."
Kimahri:"Kimahri not used to long talks, Kimahri head aches."
Auron:"Ok, let's go."
Tidus:"Right. Let's think of some other way."
LuLu:"You sold my lovely pigs and cactuses, and you did nothing."
Tidus:"Don't complain. I'll get your celestial weapon later, ok?"
LuLu(thinking):"your nightmare is gonna change."

LuLu imagines:
"Tidus:'Thunder! Thunder! Ah, it hurts!'"

Scene 11
Calm Land, All riding Chocobo.
Tidus:"Isn't there any magic which can make the same effect of Phoenix Down?"
LuLu:"Yes, there is. You can use life and full-life. Yuna is a master of white magic."
Tidus:"Wakka, where'd Yuna go?"
Wakka:"She went to the sphere grids. So did Auron."
Tidus:"Hey guys listen to me."
All stop
Tidus:"If we all learn the magic full-life, and use it when the final Aeon comes, will it work?"
Rikku:"I think it'll work."
Tidus:"OK, let's learn full-life."
Kimahri:"Kimahri too far from the grid, AP not enough."
Wakka:"Where are we in the sphere plate?"
Tidus:"I'm at Entrust."
Wakka:"I just got to Auron's start-grid."

Auron returns from sphere grids.

Kimahri:"Kimahri never had own way, Kimahri followed Tidus."
Tidus:"So, let's get more AP. Rikku let's go."
Rikku:"You're counting on me now? I may spend more phoenix down."
Auron:"Who said you're gonna use that?"
Auron:"Nobody's using them. If you're beaten, just lie there."
Rikku:"You big meanie, can't you buy more?"
Auron:"I'm saving money for my whisky, or you won't see Banishing Blade any more."
LuLu:"I support you. You're really cool doing that overdrive."
Rikku:"Not a reason. Mental Break comes with that overdrive, and that's what you want."
LuLu:"You can think like that."
Tidus:"No time for argument, let's go."
Wakka:"Take your time, I'm not going."
Wakka:"See what I got, huh? White magic sphere. Only this one we get so far."
Tidus:"Hey gimme that."
Wakka:"Never a chance. You still haven't get me my World Champion."
Tidus:"That's because we don't have money to hire players."
Wakka:"Letty, Botta, Keepa, they're all good players. We won the tournament."
Tidus:"But you retired, aren't you."
Wakka:"I didn't want to. You pay me 1 gil a match, how could I go on? I have to make a living too you know? Anyway I'm not giving you the sphere."
LuLu:"Wakka, I want it."
Wakka:"Yo, LuLu, you're a black magician, so white magic is easy for you huh?"
LuLu:"Wakka. Give me."
Wakka:"I can give you a return sphere, okay?"
LuLu:"You want me to say it for the third time?"
Wakka:"Alright, it's yours now."

Tidus, Wakka, Rikku, Kimahri and Auron go to monster arena.
They all learn full-life and return.
they set off to Mt.Gagazet.

Scene 12
Mt.Gagazet Front Gate
Kelk:"Welcome Lady Yuna."
Yuna:"Thank you Maester Kelk Ronso, but, don't you think we're traitors?"
Kelk(smile):"Well, I didn't see you on the court this time, did I?"
Yuna:"Thank you so much."
Auron:"Be careful of Seymour. I have feelings that he's behind us."
Kelk:"Ronso will take your enemy behind, just go ahead."
Kelk(think):"You always had wrong feelings."

Scene 13
At the same time, at the top of Mt.Gagazet.
Seymour:"Welcome, Lady Yuna. I've been waiting here for you."
Seymour:"I can become the next Sin with your help my lady, then I can destroy this world of sorrow."
Seymour:"Do you agree?"
Seymour:"If not, then meet my new aeon, Dark Shiva!"
Dark Shiva Gives a pose.

Seymour:"Good, let's have a rest."
Dark Shiva:"Boo...Boss, is speaking to the air fun? You've been practising here for a long time."
Seymour:"I have to make my speech perfect before she gets here. So she will be attracted by my charming pose."
Seymour practises his pose again.
Seymour(laugh to the sky):"Haha! If I succeed this time, I will be the cover of magazine!"
Dark Shiva(Eating Ice):"......"
Seymour(angry):"Havn't you eat enough?"
Dark Shiva:"Would you like some?"
Dark Shiva:"My boss, why did you abandon Anima? Isn't he called the Dark Aeon, most powerful of all?"
Seymour:"...I'm not willing to talk about it."
Dark Shiva:"Well, I know you had a bad journey that day."
Seymour(sigh):"Yeah...bad journey, coming out with his sh..."
Dark Shiva:"sh..what? ...Oh, well, I understand."
Seymour:"You said you understood?"
Dark Shiva:"Your grace my lord, sure I didn't understand anything."
Seymour:"Now let's practise again. Welcome lady Yuna......"

Scene 14
Mt.Gagazet Front Gate
Tidus:"Hey, be quick guys. We need to hurry up, Lady Yunalesca is waiting."
Auron:"She always waits."

Biran Ronso and Yenke Ronso come.
Biran Ronso:"Summoner may pass... Guardians may pass...... Rikku NOT pass!!"
Yenke(speak in low voice):"Hey, shouldn't you say Kimahri?"
Biran(speak in low voice):"Do you not remember he beat us last time? We did not have a chance."
Yenke:"But, why we come here? again."
Biran:"Biran and Yenke have to. Biran is picking a weak one this time."
Rikku:"Hey, why does it have to be me? Shouldn't you call Kimahri?"
Biran:"Mt.Gagazet holy place. Al Behd against Yevon."
Wakka(says to Tidus):"Hey man where are you going?"
Tidus:"I'll be right back."

Tidus saves the game.

Rikku:"Anybody help me!"
LuLu:"Ronso and Al Behd affair."
Wakka:"I'm not getting into it."
Yuna:"This is all I can help."

Rikku is healed.

Rikku:"Oh Kimahri?"
Kimahri:"Kimahri not help Biran and Yenke."
Rikku:"Sir Auron!"
Auron:"Nice knowing you."

Battle Start
Yenke Ronso uses thrust kick
Rikku - 483HP

Scene 15
Game loaded
Tidus:"Hey we have to think of a way. They're not gonna let Rikku pass."
Auron:"Do you have an idea?"
Tidus:"Right, I get it."

Tidus runs to save point.

Tidus:"Why are you here Yuna?"
Yuna:"I want to see, how you use this thing."
Tidus:"Alright, let me show you."
Tidus:"You see this is a blue sphere. But inside it, there's a telephone."
Yuna:"What's a telephone."
Tidus:"Well, an old machina invented millions of years ago. This is one of the machines which Yevon allows us to use."
Yuna:"You know a lot. Are you sure this is your first time to Spira? Show me how you use it!"

Tidus picks up the phone.

Tidus:"Hey, is that Cid?"
On the other side of the phone:"Luca blitzball stadium, at your service 24 hours...... the tournament is open yet, please join our league......"
Tidus:"Oops...Wrong number."
Tidus dials again.
On the other side of the phone:" This is the ship."
Tidus:" Come get us."
Tidus disappears

Stranger:"The game is saved. Welcome back from the Matrix."
Tidus:"Send me back!"
Stranger:"Do you want to learn something first? We have all the practise in this computer. We used these to train Neo."
Tidus:"Just send me back!"

Tidus appears at save point.
Yuna:"This is amazing! Where have you been?!"
Tidus:"Wrong number again. I think a DVD player is connected to this TV too. And the movie in it is the ."
Tidus:"Let's watch this movie after we beat sin."(thinking)"I will save you Yuna."
Yuna(smile):"Promise. See you at Luca theater then."
Tidus:"OK, one more try."

The Airship comes and gets them to Zanarkand Ruins.

Scene 16
Tidus:"Zanarkand, here we are!"
Auron:"The pilgrimage is coming to the end. Let's camp tonight."

Piano music "In Zanarkand"
Tidus climbs up the hill

Tidus:"Listen to my story, this... may be our last chance."
Wakka:"Well done man."
Rikku:"Nice performance."
Kimahri:"Kimahri likes that pose."
Yuna:"Cheeze, Tidus!"
Yuna:"OK I got it. Let's send it to ."
LuLu:"Good. And send my article together."
Wakka:"Yo, LuLu, I never knew you were a writer."
LuLu:"I wrote a lot before I became a guardian."
Auron:"We're about there now. Get your celestial weapon prepared."
Tidus:"OK! I think I should... work for Wakka's from now on."
Kimahri:"Why not Kimahri's."
Tidus:"You don't give 12-hit, do you?"
LuLu:"I can."
Tidus:"That's just possible on theory. You can't swing that fast."
Kimahri:"Kimahri knows Self-Destruct."
Tidus:"But you don't need that Lance, just improve your HP."
Kimahri, LuLu(angry):"..."
Tidus runs away.
Auron:"So you're going to play blitzball."
Tidus:"Yeah... I'll be quick, 3 days are enough."

Scene 17
On the top of Mt.Gagazet, 3 days later
Seymour(coverd by snow):"Welcome, Lady Yuna. I've been waiting here for you. I can become the next Sin with......"
Dark Shiva:"Boss, are you OK?"
Seymour:"Don't interrupt me! She's coming I know. Maybe they had some problems with the Ronso, but they will come."
Dark Shiva:"......"
Seymour continues practising......

Scene 18
Tidus:"Hey everyone, I'm back."
Tidus:"Wakka, here's your sigil."
Wakka:"Did you give the Luca Goers a lesson?"
Auron:"And your team is dismissed now?"
Tidus:"How'd you know that?"
Auron:"I went to the bar in Luca to get more wine, and I saw Jamul."
Tidus:"It's a pity. But I can't afford their salary anymore."
Auron:"And I found that I don't have any money to buy wine."
Tidus:"That's a problem. You haven't learnt full break huh?"
Auron:"Girls spent all those Lv.4 spheres."
Tidus:"Let's think of a way."
Auron:"Did your players leave something for you?"
Tidus:"What can they leave me? Only words."
Auron:"What did they say?"
Tidus:"Jamul said............Savenda said............Brother said............"
Tidus:"Ropp said:'Come to the Agency next time, drinks are on me.'"
Auron:"Good! Let's go to Mi'hen Highroad Travel Agency."
Tidus:"Hey you don't use that bottle do you?"
Auron:"What else do you think I'll use?"
Tidus:"You can't do that, it's so big..."
Auron(takes off sunglasses, looks at Tidus seriously):"..."
Tidus:"Right, I won't hire him again."

Cid:"Mi'hen Highroad, here we go!"
Wakka:"Remember to drop me at Lake Macalania."

Scene 19
The story coutinues as it was planned.
Sin came to Mt.Gagazet to take Dark Shiva, and Seymour became a weak fiend inside Sin.
The team got everything prepared and went to see lady Yunalesca.

Scene 20
Yunalesca's Room
Yunalesca:"So, just choose."
Yuna:"I choose no one. Yevon's teaching...all lies!"
Auron:"I'm so glad Yuna. You didn't make the same mistake again."
Yunalesca:"You gave up the only hope. Get prepared for your death."
Tidus:"No way. You can't do it as long as I'm alive."
Auron:"Now, is your chance!"
(to Wakka):"To make the Besaid Auroches a legend."
(to LuLu):"To buy all those expensive things in the world."
(to Kimahri):"To be a hero of the Ronso."
(to Rikku):"To build your home again."
(to Yuna):"To love what you love."
(to Tidus):"To give a dream some meaning!"
Wakka:"Can't believe I'm fighting Lady Yunalesca AGAIN!"
LuLu:"You can always run."
Wakka:"I'll never forgive myself if I run. How can I just leave you all here? You still owe me lots of money."
Tidus:"When we beat her we'll be rich, then I'll pay you."
Rikku:"Rikku at your service! tech-'Gillionare' ready!"

Wants comes in
Wants:"May I have your attention please? The latest issue of is now on-sale!"
All come to Wants, including Lady Yunalesca.
Wants:"I still have lots of copies of some old issues."
Rikku:"Hey, we are on the cover!"
Tidus:"Hey, this is you! The second issue of . You look really beautiful."
Yunalesca:"Thanks. I was young then. Oh, how I miss those days!"
Wakka:"Yo, I see lord Mi'hen! With blitzball! Hey, isn't it the one I'm holding now?"
.......(the talk continues)
Wants:"Ladies and gentlemen, if you like it, just buy it."
Tidus:"Do we have to pay? We're fighting Lady Yunalesca! Big news! You can make a lot of money from this first hand news!"
Wants:"Business is Business. Thank you for your first hand news, please take this."
[Received Potion X 10]
Yunalesca:"Okay, I'll a copy of each issue. Yuna, if you want it, just beat me!"
Yuna:"We'll make it fast. Sorry for your second death."
Yunalesca:"Never mind."
Battle starts, Yunalesca dies again.
[Received Key-Item: Lady Yunalesca's Collection]

Scene 21
On the airship
Tidus:"Let's go to Luca Theater."
Yuna:"How about Sin?"
Tidus(whisper to himself):"The fayth may stop dreaming any time. Then I'll disappear."
Yuna:"I don't understand. What dream?"
Tidus(whisper to himself):"So will my old man. And it'll be all over."
Yuna:"Are you listening?"
Tidus:"Ahh... nothing."
Yuna:"You're a bad lier."
Tidus:"Yuna. I'm so glad your life is going on."
Tidus(whisper):"But dreams vanish."

Scene 22
Tidus:"Auron, can you do me a favor?"
Auron:"What do you mean?"
Tidus:"Kill the fayth. Just send them away. Dona can help."
Auron:"What? With that ugly woman?"
Wakka:"Is this a legendary guardian's attitude? They're your fans!"
Auron:"Only Bathello."
Tidus:"It doesn't matter. Either Dona or Issaru is OK. Just make the fayth sleep. Everything's over."
Wakka:"Man, where are you going?"
Tidus(walks out):"Luca theater. I promised Yuna the last movie."
Auron:"This is how your story ends.A summoner can't help this time. I promised Jecht......"(walks out)
Wakka:"Where are you going sir Auron?"

Scene 23
Inside Sin
Jecht:"You're late, Auron."
Jecht:"Where's my kid?"
Auron:"He wants it to be over."
Jecht:"So do I. But how?"
Auron:"Take me to the fayth's world."

Scene 24
Fayth:"How did you get here?"
Auron:"We want you to go to sleep."
Fayth:"I want to. But I didn't die clean. So it's hard for me to sleep."
Auron:"I'll help you."
Fayth:"You have medicine?"
Fayth:"What are you doing."
Auron:"You should have gone to sleep much earlier."
Auron's OD4 Tornado!
So many dreams... vanish... in the tornado......


It's hard to give this stroy a second ending.
Tidus disappeared in Luca Theater, left Yuna sitting there. She can't hold his hand anymore. But she's a good girl, she doesn't cry.
Auron broke into the fayth's world and made them sleep. The rest of 5 went to find Yuna, together they defeated all the aeons.

This ain't a tragedy. Yuna's journey goes on, and she believes: one day, she'll find him back, because is coming this fall. Our hero Tidus, just like Neo, will pop back again.

Author's Thanks:

I tried so hard, and got so far
in the end, it doesn't even matter